Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ian McEwan: The Cement Garden

Never mind I just brought home a bag of new books to read. After I left the book sale, I browsed the shelves & started reading this book. The narrator is a 14 year old teenager. Here is the FIRST LINE of the book:

"I did not kill my father, but I sometimes felt I had helped him on his way."

Friday, October 27, 2006

Public Library - Book Sale Finds

A couple weeks ago - for $2.75, I bought the books in the picture. White Oleander - Janet Fitch
Alice Hoffman - Here on Earth
The World According to Garp - John Irving
The Historian Elizabeth Kostova
Best American Short Stories / 1996

Today, I picked out [all but one is brand-new]
3 by Barbara Taylor Bradford: A Secret Affair; Remember; Three Weeks in Paris
Ian Caldwell: The Rule of Four (I think I may have already read this one)
James Clavell's Noble House
Jane Hamilton: The Book of Ruth (I never finished Map of the World)
Brooks Hansen: The Chess Garden
Alice Hoffman: Seventh Heaven
Frank McCourt: Angela's Ashes
Mary McGarry Morris: Song in Ordinary Time
Michael Ondaatje: The English Patient
Anne Tyler: The Accidental Tourist
Thomas Wolfe: Look Homeward, Angel (75th Anniversary Edition)
My Total: $4.75

Alex selected:
White Mars by Brian Aldiss
Star Wars by Greg Bear
2 by Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who Had 14 Tales; AND The Cat Who Saw Red
Alfred Coppel: The Eighth Day of the Week
2 by Michael Crichton: Prey, Sphere
Lisa Gardner: The Killing Hour
Kay Hooper: Once a Thief
Brian Lumley: Maze of Worlds
Total: $3.25

Nicholas selected:
The Cat Who Played Brahms - Lilian Jackson Braun
Dan Brown - Angels & Demons
C.J.Cherryh: Angel With The Sword
John Farris - Dragonfly
4 by J.A.Jance - Exit Wounds, Skeleton Canyon, Outlaw Mountain, Day of the Dead
2 by Dean Koontz - The Funhouse, The Mask
Elizabeth Lowell: Running Scared [which I want to read when he finishes it]
Stel Pavlou: Decipher
Total: $3.75

Ok, now bring on the krappy weather ... I'm ready.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


At last, got to watch my new DVD. I own one DVD ... this one. I saw this movie at the theatre 25+ years ago. The movie is from a book by Daniel Odier. It is a romance, drama, musical, and sometimes comedy all rolled into one film. [ Complete with a chase scene. ]

I I bought this record 25 years ago -- yes, it is an album -- not a CD. I didn't know it had a re-release in CD format. Now, the prices are out-of-sight

Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy Sweetest Day to Me ...

Roses from DH .... and,

look what i received via e-mail ...

Photo from Tori
Tori is modeling her new pink hat. It is part of her Halloween costume.

While looking thru some papers, I came across my Mom's recipe for Popcorn Balls. This was a family favorite. We would make them every Halloween afternoon. The neighborhood children loved them [for those children/parents who didn't know our family, we had a selection of very boring candy]. We enjoyed them so much, we would make a batch for Thanksgiving & decorate the balls into turkeys [with construction paper & toothpicks]. Finding this slip of paper makes me smile. Now to share:
Pop seven cups of popcorn [I think yellow popcorn works the best]
In saucepan, medium heat:
1 c Sugar
1/3 c White Corn Syrup
1/4 c Butter or Marg
1/3 c Water
1 Tsp Salt
Heat until drops form in cold water. Add 1 Tsp Vanilla.
Mix into 7 cups of popcorn - roll into balls. Can make apx 80 balls from three lbs of popcorn

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy 20th Birthday :D

Time to paint the town RED .... oh yeah, Bloomington is already red ...

Have fun celebrating the B'Day :D

Luv U Tori!


Mrs. Mom Cat settled down on the keyboard ... this after bringing me a mouse, which was NOT a toy!
Mrs. Cat and Prince Nikki taking in the view. The Autumn colors are just starting on our trees.