Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Clearing out the Dust Bunnies ...

Somehow, I've caught the straightening-it-out bug. It is a rare illness that strikes a couple times a year!

It started with an e-mail from DD, saying she was coming home for a few days over Thanksgiving break ... and, I took everything out of her room, cleaned the carpet, moved in a desk, put everything back.

Poured everything out of the kitchen drawers -- clean & pitch time. Took everything out of the 'junk' cabinet -- clean & rearrange. Well ... had to check out the other cupboards as well. Took things downstairs, brought things upstairs. [and kept thinking "when have I used this last?" "Do I need to keep this here?" "Why is this downstairs when I use it ALL THE TIME?"]

The two hallway closets --- oh my. Must I even open them??? And why am I piling all this 'junk' in here that nobody uses? And, when we need something important [ie., flashlight] can never put our hands on it? Ditto -- took things downstairs, brought things upstairs. Made it into the kitchen pantry.

Took a good look at our bedroom & decided to clear out everything on top of the wardrobe, under the bed, clean out my stitching corner -- dust, clean, & put everything back ... until, my husband poked a hole in the ceiling while adjusting something in the attic. So, while that is under construction, my 'stuff' is in the dining room.

Continue onward ... you know, have to do this while on a roll, started to pull down boxes from the shelves downstairs. Was on my way thru a re-do & poor Nicholas became ill with the stomach flu & headache. Pause the cleaning in that room & garage for a day.

What to do today? Read or Stitch? Have to keep it quiet while Nicholas gets his rest.

Tori's Room
Hallway Closet
kitchen drawers
kitchen cupboards
Clean the refrigerator
Bathroom Closet & cabinet
Cedar Chest
Shelves in basement
My bedroom [after ceiling repair]
Storage Closet downstairs [or wait until we get the decorations out?]

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