Friday, December 01, 2006

Book Sale Finds ...

Knowing we were expecting a storm, yesterday -- I left the house in the morning & ran errand after errand. Did some shopping for clothing & groceries. I found a nice blouse [the new crinkle style] and dress jeans for holidays (at Kohl's) -- Thank you Tori for the Kohl's Cash. Bought all sorts of boring stuff at Target. Poor Alex was locked out of the house (in the rain) for awhile.

Picked up the boys at home & went out again to the post office, drug store, and public library. Even when the forecast is threatening, I have a hard time passing up a library book sale. These were fifty cents each:

This is the 2nd book I own by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Web info here.

Link to the Alice Hoffman web site.

I know you can read this book on-line at this link or here; however, I wanted text-in-hand.

Book Information: Ellen Foster

Alex found the 2006 "Cat Who" book & a book about scientific puzzles. Nicholas wanted a jig saw puzzle of a leopard. We did well at the book sale - which continues thru Saturday at the South Haven public library.

I see the New York Times has their 'best of 2006' and '100 notable books of 2006' posted to their web site. See Lelia's Xanga.

After spending YESTERDAY running a ton of errands, TODAY I'm back to the basement for more cleaning & pitching. I have the books in order & they all fit on the shelves. It is the 'other' stuff - boxes, misc kitchen items, photo albums, that I am not sure where to store.

It continues to snow. I'm not sure how much we will have when this storm passes. With groceries & books ... I won't fret being snowed in.

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