Saturday, December 09, 2006

Button ... is "cute as a button"

The temperature is warmer at last. Button continues to either sleep on the floor vent [where the heat comes thru] or curl up next to the window. She was having such a hard time this a.m. Never mind she is 20 years old. We still love her.

This week, I got a good start on the household decorating -- I think I have the household in order [at last]. I have rearranged everything .... I mean everything. The last big job will be the photographs, and that cannot be hurried. I need to figure out a place for David's family photographs - his grandparents, etc. I'm thinking about some sort of acid free storage box. I don't think they should be in an album. They are already in nice paper folders [most of them].

My "To Do" List:
Buy silver polish / tidy up the eating utensils
Buy Secret Santa gifts for Alex
Buy David's gift
Use 15% off coupon at B&N by 12/10
Christmas Cards .... do I need another box???
storage under stairwell
unwrap ornaments for tree
stockings on railing
holiday stuff on display
Ornament stitching & finishing
Organize TV cabinet
BR cabinet & shelf
ironing (again)
clean rest of the refrigerator
clean oven
organize paper photographs
Contact MIL re. David's quilt [lost the tag]
Clean Tori's room eta Saturday afternoon

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