Sunday, December 03, 2006

Prince Nikki

Mrs. Cat wants Nikki to wake up and play . . .
Nikki took about 1/2 second to think about it ...
and opted to return to cat napping ...

Saturday, I finished dusting books, placing them back on the shelves & found room for some misc kitchen items (large stock pot, roasting pan, etc) that I don't need upstairs. The boys visited my MIL & made cookies. After their visit, they viewed the new Superman DVD. I got the laundry caught up. Today, the boys plan to make cookies for 'us', I've got soup in the crock pot, and plan to tackle the ironing.

My To Do List:
basement shelves
tv cabinet
closet shelf
clean refrigerator
storage closet under the stairs
BR closet
cedar chest
corner in bedroom
clean oven

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