Thursday, December 27, 2007

Puzzle from Hell

link here
This is one of Alex's gifts. In three days, we got the outside border completed & about 10 pieces inside. This has 500 pieces ... it is quite the challenge!!!!

Looks interesting ...

link here
Nicholas got this kewl tangram puzzle game. Alex and I are just itching for him to open the plastic wrapping so we can give it a try. Looks like up to four players can create the images in the book. Seems the idea is to try and get the image done before the other players finish. Poor Nicholas has been working a lot & we have to talk him into opening this up : )

Just resting ....

Photos by Alex

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I don't know much about the movie; however, IMO - the book was GREAT!!! I read it & still think one of the best I've ever read.

Ian McEwan Website

about the movie, link here

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Snow Day

view from the deck
Buddy (left corner) & Beatrice

Beatrice (Left) & Buddy (Right)

The boyz were late to school this a.m. Classes started on time & the whole family was running behind. Had to clear the drive. Nice day to be indoors. I hear we expect a few more inches this a.m. & the storm should pass us by around noon.

It is a dog's life

Buddy & Beatrice on the deck

Awesome haircut!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

More room on the bed ...

Tori went back to college. After dinner, DH & I went into her room & spotted her cat, Nikki, on the bed.

He did start to walk to me when I brought in the camera.

I'm certain he misses her, too.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

2007 Book List

Look what is on the web site:

N Y times List of Notable Books 2007

On November 28th, the 10 Best Books will be on the NYTimes Web Site

In addition to the Sampler book ... which, IMO -- is very very interesting. The photos alone are awesome. I've been reading a couple books from the library. Blue Angel is about a college professor and one of his students. Later, at the bar is a most excellent novel in short stories. I'm enjoying the book so much.
Book review & additional information Here
Nice review & link to First Chapter HERE

Friday, November 23, 2007

Ahhhh ....

Look what dear Tori checked out from the Indiana University library?? Am I spoiled or what? And, it is so much fun to go thru the pages [and pages] of photographs. I'm gobsmacked by this book.
More info HERE.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another one in the series ...

I have been on the 'request' list from the public library. Now, I am at number two -- and, may have this one in hand by December 1st.

I've been finish-finishing a gift & listening to audiobooks & cleaning for Thanksgiving. We had a break in the weather & I managed to get some windows clean. Still have window in Nic's room & garage for tomorrow. I don't care for window cleaning; however, it does perk up the room!!!

Got turkey? Got ham? Got plans? LOL ... yeah, don't we all. some good plans and some dreaded plans ... here -- it is all good. Alex home from school with sore throat -- yikes. Nic got a turkey from his employer -- go Nic : ) DH went grocery shopping & looks like our pantry is bursting ... I'm planning on turkey, small ham, stuffing, potato, beets [from a jar!!!], toss salad, fresh fruit salad ... [do we have fresh fruit???], carrot sticks, shrimp jambalaya [yes -- gotta have some spicey stuff], corn pudding, possibly hot pineapple [think pineapple, brown sugar, torn up bread - pour melted butter & bake for awhile. DH bought a couple pumpkin pies. JELLO has a new dessert in a box -- Oreo cookie & creme -- just mix with milk & it sets in 5 minutes. I can do that. I think Tori was making pie [or Dietetic Club making pie]. Tori & her friend, Eric are invited -- not sure if they will be here or at Eric's place. My Mom is invited. In-Laws will be elsewhere. Should be fun. I totally forgot to buy gravy in a jar -- I cannot eat gravy -- but, Eric does like it & I said I'd get gravy. sigh. Stores will be open tomorrow for all that last-minute stuff.

So, what am I forgetting???? my mind???? I'm a fossil. I can count on the boyz to buy enough chips & snacks for the entire week-end. I bet we are out of bread. And tomorrow is Wednesday ... where finding bread can be a real chore. Maybe the stores stocked up. sigh. I'll have to go thru the kitchen again for those last minute items : ) Everybody, enjoy the holiday. Eat, drink, and be merry!! That 'giftmas' holiday is just around the bend. ARGH!!! And if I see that 'DUH' car commercial again, I will scream !!!!

2007 Book List - rev 12/08

Clare Naylor & Mimi Hare: The Second Assistant; A Tale From the Bottom of the Hollywood Ladder
Vivian Livingston & Sherrie Krantz: The Autobiogaphy of Vivian
Vivian Livingston & Sherrie Krantz: Vivian Lives
Vivian Livingston & Sherrie Krantz: Vivian the "V" Spot
Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter
Alice Hoffman: Illumination Night c.1987
Diane Mott Davidson: Catering to Nobody
Charles Frazier: Cold Mountain *****
Charles Frazier: Thirteen Moons
Gregory Maguire: Wicked
Diane Setterfield: The Thirteenth Tale *****
Arturo Perez-Reverte: The Queen of the South
Sophie Kinsella:Confessions of a Shopaholic : )
Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes: Full Blast
Janet Evanovich & Charlotte Hughes: Full Scoop
Janet Evanovich: Twelve Sharp
Janet Evanovich: Hard Eight
Janet Evanovich: Plum Lovin'
Janet Evanovich: Mean Lean Thirteen
Alice Munro: The View from Castle Rock
John Irving: The World According to Garp
Alice McDermott: After This
Brenda Rickman Vantrease: The Mercy Seller *****
Frank McCourt: Angela's Ashes
W.Somerset Maugham: The Painted Veil *****
Zoe Heller: What Was She Thinking? [Notes on a Scandal]
Janet Fitch: Paint it Black
Jennifer Chiaverini: The Sugar Camp Quilt *****
Jennifer Chiaverini: The Quilter's Apprentice
Jennifer Chiaverini: The Christmas Quilt
Jennifer Chiaverini: Round Robin
Jennifer Chiaverini: The Cross-Country Quilters
Jennifer Chiaverini: The RunAway Quilt
Jennifer Chiaverini: The Quilter's Legacy
Jennifer Chiaverini: The Master Quilter
Jennifer Chiaverini: Circle of Quilters
Jennifer Chiaverini: The Quilter's Homecoming
Jennifer Chiaverini: New Year's Quilt
Khaled Hosseini: The Kite Runner
Tracy Chevalier: Burning Bright
Jennifer Egan: The Keep; A Novel *****
Markus Zusak: The Book Thief
Jeffery Deavers: The 12th Card
Robert Swindells: Nightmare Stairs
Katherine Paterson: Bridge to Terabithia
William Bernhardt: Capitol Threat
Jennifer Crusie: Bet Me
Jennifer Crusie: Anyone But You
Jennifer Crusie: Don't Look Down
Jennifer Crusie: Welcome to Temptation
Suzanne Brockmann: Ladies Man
Adriana Bourgoin: Nine Months in August, My comments HERE at
Susan Minot: Evening *****
Susan Vreeland: The Forest Lover
Kaye Gibbons: Ellen Foster
Kaye Gibbons: Divining Women
Mary Balogh: Simply Magic
Jan Karon: Home to Holly Springs
Luanne Rice: The Edge of Winter *****
Nora Roberts: Angels Fall
Nora Roberts: Blue Dahlia (audiobook - while I stitch!)
Nora Roberts: Black Rose (audiobook)
Nora Roberts: Red Lily (audiobook)
Jodi Picoult: Nineteen Minutes
Francine Prose: The Blue Angel
Rebecca Barry: Later, at the Bar: A Novel in Stories *****

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Edge of Winter

Web site HERE.

This was suggested by an on-line friend. Esp interesting to read on Veteran's Day. There is a little bit of romance by high school kids, Teen bad boy turned hero, bit of bonding with adults, family conflicts, bit about the war thru Vetran's eyes. If that isn't enough, there is the beach -- lots of lakeside ... a snowy owl ... and a bird rehabber. Plus, the rich dudes wanting to get richer by raising a sub & opening a museum ... money - money - money. And, the bonus -- a mystery artist who used to paints birds in nature [we know he is deceased]. Guess this one has it all. Sorta PBS-like!!! OK, I'm enjoying this one very much!! Now 1/2 thru, I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doen't get boring or have a krap ending.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Bearcat Flowers : )

DH brought home a some beautiful flowers. And, they are Bearcat colors ... bright orange w/vibrant green centers : )

The Bearcat football team is playing a big game tonight. Alex is at the Fish Fry 4-6:30. Not sure what his job is tonight. Nick said he is just going to eat! The boys are staying for the big game -- Alex is going to be performing with the Drama Group during half time. Nick is just a fan tonight.

Don't they look nice on our table?

Art Dolls!!!

Bought this magazine from Barnes and Noble WOW! It is fab. Good paper stock for starters ... and the pictures are out-of-sight. If you don't get any ideas from ONE ISSUE -- you are just brain dead. LOL

I went to their web page to see if they have the next issue available. Lucky me. Maybe the next issue will be on the shelf in a week or so.:

Back Issue:

Thx to Marjorie for sharing a picture of her dolls. She sent it via e-mail. Now, she made some creative and interesting dolls for the project!!! And colorful. And delightful. And -- she does not have a blog [boo hoo ... she should have one] EVERY creative person on the planet should blog. Do you hear me???

From the Public Library: I found a couple books on dolls ... sculpting, sewing, creating. More like .... now that you've seen the finished product -- here are a few ways to get started & some tips for doll making. Not exactly what I was looking for ... but a good start!! For the Comfort Doll Project, P.Winter wants dolls up to 6". Yeah, I think I can do that.

more info on this book HERE

Decent book review HERE on Linda's Blog.

After I finish up a gift I'm stitching up [no, no pictures, don't want to spoil the fun] I'll give these art dolls a try.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Comfort Doll Project

Have you read CQ on-line magazine? Check out the article by Pat Winter, Spreading the Love.

OK, now that I've read all about Comfort Doll Project ... I'm going to try and make some dolls. I'd like to participate. OK, I have no idea what I'm doing ... if anybody has suggestions or hints, please comment!!!

First off, I will have to figure out how to draw a face & what to use -- what kind of marker works on fabric??

Yeah, I'm down to the basics. I'm sure to have some fabric scraps & beads ... hmmmmm

all for a good cause

Monday, November 05, 2007

What I'm reading:

I'm barely into this book ... just launched into the first 10-15 pages. Book review HERE and HERE

Yesterday, I finished this romance novel. Website HERE. Looks like it was made into a movie, too. It won Book of the Year, 2007 Quill Award.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A romance novel ...

Website for Mary Balogh.

Per the web site, sounds like this book is one of a series of books. It was easy to read & interesting.

"The Simply quartet tells the stories of four lady teachers at Miss Martin's School for Girls in Bath, England. Simply Unforgettable is Frances Allard's story. Simply Love is Anne Jewell's--and Sydnam Butler's, brother of Kit Butler in A Summer to Remember. (Note that the hardcover and the paperback editions have different covers) Simply Magic is Susanna Osbourne's story--and Viscount Whitleaf's, cousin of Lauren Butler in A Summer to Remember (two different covers again). Simply Perfect is Claudia Martin's story--and the Marquess of Attingsborough's, a character in One Night for Love and several other books. The Bedwyns make frequent appearances in the quartet--and Anne and Claudia first appeared in Slightly Scandalous."

Thursday, November 01, 2007

what I'm reading ....

It isn't Mitford, but it is Father Tim & a return to his roots. Web site HERE

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Now 21 : ) Doesn't seem possible ....

Tori & Eric in Chicago

Eric & Minou

Did you watch the Quill Awards? The entire list can be found HERE. I went on-line & requested a few interesting titles from the public library.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful end to the day:

Lelia: Thx for stopping by & visiting my blog. I was not able to find your blog on-line. I appreciate your comment & kind words : )

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thursday, October 18, 2007

French Film

I don't think DH & DS liked this one. The acting was very good. OK, I sorta liked it. IUN will continue the French films on Weds pm at Savannah Auditorium.

Monday, October 15, 2007

kitchen stories

The next movie showing at Valparaiso University - Neils Science Center, Rm 234
Web site HERE


As much as I enjoyed Ellen Foster ... IMO, this one was not as good.

A special Thank You to Nicholas. He was a giant help with cleaning my refrigerator [inside and out], the ceiling light fixtures, and the outside front door. Just an excellent, all-around worker.

My list for Autumn:
Wardrobe (downstairs)
Closet downstairs
All the interior doors
storm windows
refrigerator in/out
Exterior Front Door
Interior windows
Closets upstairs
My bedroom floor
Dryer Vent
Furnace screens