Thursday, January 25, 2007

Alex's Report

Alex switched books for his report.

He said this book is confusing to him. I've already read it & told him to keep reading & things will fall into place. He said the characters are popping out of nowhere. [which made me laugh]. I told him to get thru the whole book & we'd chat.

I think his report is due mid-February. And, if all else fails, there is Spark Notes.

As for Cold Mountain, I have a few more pages to read. And, then ... I'm going to check out the movie from the public library!!! The boys want to watch it with me.

Took Alex to Show Choir rehearsal before school began. Went into Valp & it was snowing -- a lot. Here, we have sunshine & blue skies ... it is about 15 degrees. I hear we have snow in the forecast today & colder temperatures are heading our way. Brrrrr ....

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