Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tea Time ....

Is this one of the neatest looking sets? A cup & saucer from MIL - it makes the Twinnings, Lady Grey tea taste better : ) I've been laying low since yesterday [woke with sore throat & a half]. Been nice to go on-line and catch up on blogs. That is, when Blogger was thru with their maintenance. Lots of my blogger pals were very busy with holiday merriment. Still, enjoyed seeing pictures of the stitching projects underway, finishes, gifts, etc.

How can stitching be considered a 'quiet' hobby, when stitchers have a lot to talk about???? hmmmm . . .
I finished this book earlier today. There are three books. I didn't realize it was an on-line thing, too. My Sister suggested it. I wish I'd have read this in my early 20's. I laughed reading about Vivian's boyfriends.

quote from the book "He was in a frat, was always out and about, but still, big into his studies. Probably the only guy who i found attractive who did not, even once, ever make a pass at me. And this was because, I later found out, he didn't like me "that way." Not a bit, so instead, we grew to become "friends." We'd meet after class, hang out in the library, chat each other up at the local bars. But I was always the girl he'd talk to about other girls. And that drove me nuts, maybe it was his plan all along. Basically forcing me to broach the "Hey, how about me?" topic so that he would never be at risk--who knows! But that's how it started. And I guess i was too focused on the challenge of snagging him to see who it really was that I was just about to land."

quote from the book "When someone asks why I'd ever be with a guy like him, it surely, on the outside, was a huge challenge--that's what I always think of and answer first.(Why did I stay for so long? Well, that is something I still haven't quite figured out.)"

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