Friday, February 09, 2007


Nicholas selected a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me [a week or so ago]. I let them dry, put some rose petals into the bottom of glass dishes, and added full flowers ... oh so pretty!

Usually, Alex is the first one up in the morning. A couple days ago, he rushed into the room & said "MOM!" I jolted awake ... "Mom, McDonalds is having 50 cent burgers on Feb 13th -- can we go?" I say to him "mark it on the calendar" (sigh)

Yesterday, I was looking on the calendar ... sure enough ... Alex jotted down the McDonald's sale. LOL : )

I finished Wicked. This book reminds me of the hobbit. Interesting tale. This book took me forever to read. [Thanks Sue for loaning me your copy ... which I will return soon!]

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