Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gifts from MIL

I finished reading John Irving: The World According to Garp. And started Mercy Seller. Mercy Seller is most excellent. Nice link HERE, with more info on this novel.

I enjoy reading - from books - first thing in the morning. The best time of my day is after the boys & DH are off to school/work. I like to get the laundry sorted, start the loads & enjoy 50 pages from a novel. Fiction,usually. At the end of the day, after the evening meal, I enjoy picking up needlework & listening to audiobooks while I stitch. It is best to have both the book & audiobook of the same title - author. Tho, sometimes that is not possible. I want to read Angela's Ashes [memoir] next -- I own the book & found the audio book at the library - read by the author. Guess that will be the 'next' read on my list!

When I received the great big yellow bowl, gift from MIL - chick bowl, I wasn't sure what to do with it. I thought to purchase some Easter candies & place them in the bowl -- only problem was, what if the pets get into it? While I was at Walgreen's, I noticed a sale on soft peppermints ... and the pets won't bother with peppermints.

I have been asked why I have more than one blog .... errr, that is kinda difficult to explain. I started with Xanga & found many very good book rings - lots of readers with lots to say about their hobby. There were very few stitchers - so, I started a blogger site for my stitching. ooooh .... lots of bloggers are stitchers! And when Blogger started the 'beta' stuff -- I opened up this blog to mess with the new template, etc. Some blogger accounts switched to word press, etc -- but I think I have enough blogs now : )

Now, I have Xanga - for books & the book rings.
Stitches of Life II for books & cats & non-stitching [yes, some of my GFs don't stitch].
Stitches of Life mainly for my needlework hobby.

ENOUGH blogs!! I swear.

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