Tuesday, March 06, 2007

what's up?

My head cold has become a chest cold. I have felt more energetic yesterday & today. Wish it would just go away ... and wish Spring would arrive.

Did I mention seeing a ring tailed hawk in the backyard earlier today? It was quite a site. The hawk had either a mouse or small bird. I wished I had a camera phone & could have taken a few quick pics.

I'm about half way thru this book of short stories. More info, excerpt & reviews here

I started this paperback while 'waiting' with my son. I've read a few of John Irving's books & somehow never got around to this one. More information & book review here

And, no, I usually don't write my own book reviews. Too much like 'work'. I enjoy reading as recreation : )

I received an e-mail asking about our "cat-in-the-box" & yes, she still naps in her box, on my counter in the kitchen.

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