Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"How To Have Fun With Your Socks"

Nope! Not making this up! I bought new socks for Alex. I toss him the package and he starts laughing. Not just the usual smirk or chuckle ... LOL kind of laugh.

I'm puzzled, thinking ... "are socks that funny?"

He says ... "Mom, did you read the Nutrition Facts?"

"What? .... There are no Nutrition Facts on Socks."

He says, "Did you read the label & instructions?"

"What? We need sock instructions?"

He says ... "LOOK"

Sure enough ... Nutrition Facts on the socks.



Use as a hand puppet
to entertain during
business meetings.
Or better yet,
place over your shoes
and slide around.
Pull over your cellular
phone as a cover.

(not recommended for dusting)"

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Finished reading this one last night. Now, I seem to have more questions about the novel! To me, seems the book concluded without an ending. Aside from wondering about the two teachers ... I cannot help thinking about what happened to the teen daughter.

This would be great for a book club. The more ideas & thoughts the better.

Book Review here

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