Thursday, May 10, 2007

cornbread ...

Tried a different cornbread recipe. I don't have an iron skillet for the kind you put directly in the oven. So, I tried Homesteader Cornbread with a HEAPING Tbsp of Baking Powder. Thanks to Jennifer for providing the recipe link.

(I'll have to find a biscuit recipe ... the boys enjoy them in the morning - but again, I'd like to get away from the ones in the pop-open containers. There has to be an easy to make recipe somewhere.)

I would like to try Basic Corn Bread OR Buttermilk Corn Bread once I get more ingredients. (Williams-Sonoma recipe)
I did purchase new Baking Powder. Notice the difference in the two cans?
The one on the left is cardboard with nutrition facts, etc. The one on the right is tin - no nutrition facts.

Didn't realize I had an antique ingredient in my cabinet!!! LOL

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