Friday, June 08, 2007

What's Up?

Totally hilarious book. Short story with a lot of laughs - IMO

Alex started his job ... he is pretty excited about working. He rides his bicycle & I don't have to drive back/forth. At least while the weather holds. I told him I'd drive him when it is raining, etc.

My car is being worked on. I think the bill is over $1000.00 now. It was estimated at $729 before I walked in; however, with the extra brake issue we get to add on another $300. And to think I was excited about finding a $50.00 off coupon!!! Yikes. It is supposed to be ready around 5pm. sigh.

Nick took his bicycle over to the post office. It is nice when the boys ride over and pick up the mail. They usually stop at Dean's store for a beverage & snack.

What a beautiful day --- must be 65 degrees with low humidity. The cicada's sure are singing away!! They are very very loud today!!

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