Friday, July 13, 2007

Just a couple notes

Saturday -- I'll be at 'the clubhouse' helping make tassels for EGA. What fun that will be! And on Sunday, I'm a volunteer for check-in at the Porter County Fair, Home Ec building. Hope to see some of my stitching friends : ) Love to see what everybody is putting on exhibit.

My reading is on the back-burner. I have listened to a couple audio books while I finish up some fair entries.

Evening is very interesting to read. It floats around from various points in the main character's life. But, the author is great -- and it is easy to get what is going on here. I'll bet the movie is terrific if it is anything like this book.

I was sent an uncorrected proof - and my comments are at about Adriana Bourgoin's book Nine Months in August.

link to my comments HERE

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