Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All about the bees

This is a photo from Science Daily ....
Did you read the article about virus & honey bees from the Science Daily?

I read it a few days ago.

Which leads me to ponder our bees. At the Midwest Stash Exchange - in August - I had a lengthy conversation with Ruth Ann R ... about her honey bees [in her garden]. At the time, I was trying to explain what the bees look like in our front yard -- I told here they were 'big' and 'hairy'. I thought they were called bumble bees.

And guess what? I was right, we have friendly bumble bees hovering around our flowers. This is a bumble bee picture I found on the web:

These are pics I took ... but, I was kinda far away:
Maybe I'll have to try to get a closer look at the bees. I still think they are bumble bees & not the honey bee.

And forget about those hornet/yellow jackets!! YIKES. They are nesting in the ground under the deck : (

Saturday, September 08, 2007

French Club

One of my fav things about the boys going back to high school, is the French Club. Their teacher takes them to foreign films! And, lucky me, I am able to tag along.Alex tells me that Valparaiso University will be starting their foreign films in September
According to Alex, the first film this season will be Butterfly ....
I looked online & THINK this is the one which will be shown. more info on this film HERE

If I obtain more details -- I'll post them. Last season, adults paid $6.00 for tickets. The films were in a nice room - large screen - comfy seats. Plus, as Alex says, if the movie sux, the snacks are great!

Entertainment books are on sale NOW ... fundraiser for the French Club. They are $20.00/each. Want one? The coupons are for local stores, restaurants, etc.

New teapot ...

Can you believe I opened up the cupboard & 'stuff' fell out & broke my teapot??? Well, that is what happened. Next morning, I drove over to K-mart for a new one. I purchased a 6-cup [previously owned a 4-cup] "hydrangea" by Martha Stewart. There are matching sugar bowl & cream pitcher, table settings [dinnerware] in this same pattern. Not sure I need anything but the teapot!

I've been receiving e-mails about my blog ... or lack of posts. Honestly, I've just been to busy. I spent a couple days in our youngest son's room -- it was just terrible & now looks so much better. I have a couple more rooms in the house to tear apart to clean & reorganize. I had some skin issues, dental issues, eye appt, Nick had wisdom teeth removed, boys had dental visits & eye appts, plus, the never ending driving the boys to/from work & to/from rehearsals & to/from school activities. I have not done any stitching since July -- and will try to visit more blogs soon & will try to post more frequently!!!

As for books -- right now I'm reading one from Ann Rice. I borrowed my GF, Sue D's, paperback. Web site HERE.