Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bluestem Beads

Visited "The Most Amazing Shop" ... yeah, that is on the business card!!! I wanted something different for my blue blouse. This blue blouse changes colors -- it is the fabric. It is a combination of blue and red/pink. I swear. So, I found this awesome pink flower thingie -- and two strands of reddish beads & one strand of yellowish beads. And ... somehow, I'm going to combine the three strands with this pink flower. Wish me luck.

Bluestem Beads
300 Lincoln St.
Porter, IN 46304

A few years back, I made this amulet

Perhaps I could use the darker red beads and space the lighter color ones -- similar to what I did with the amulet. Hmmm. Might be interesting.

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