Wednesday, January 30, 2008


While looking for 'stuff' to create a 2"x2" square for charity , I came accross a couple objects I brought from home -- many years ago. The first picture is of a purse my Mom made for me. I am thinking crochet. Seems it needs a proper button; otherwise, in good shape. I have no idea what year she created the bag. I am thinking it was a year or two before I was married.
The second picture shows flea market finds. Every time I pull out the long one -- with the fibers sticking to it, I have to laugh. When my Dad was still living, we went to a flea market -- somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Indiana. There was junk, trash, and treasure as far as the eye could see. We were with real 'hunters' and 'gatherers' who were so into the tables of .... errr .... stuff. So, Dad & I kinda went our separate way and found this wooden thing. It was our secret joke, b/c, nobody seemed to know what the thing was. Even the guy selling it hadn't a clue. We must have spent a half hour looking at the thing and the guy said we could have it for Five Bucks .... SOLD. We concluded it was a spool of some sort ... Since my Dad passed away, I have memories, not many personal momentos -- but, I did keep our thing : )
Inquiring minds: It has "8 BOWEN 66 HUNTER" or maybe it is supposed to read "8 BOWEN 99 HUNTER" on one end. Since my Dad passed away, a friend looked at it & thought it was a spool for a weaving or spinning machine. Yeah, well, good of an explanation as any ...[The smaller one, with yellow fiber, was purchased at an Antique Mall]

As for the PINK SQUARE, I am still in the thinking it thru process. Which, probably isn't a good thing. It took me about three hours to root thru boxes to find some material [I don't own much] and misc. beads. I have two-three ideas though, one would be a heart with wings ... the other something like "sew special" ... and finally, was thinking of: Made with our hands from our hearts ... or If is is made by hand, it is from the heart ... Yeah, needs a fine tune. Good news is, I did find some stuff & have a few ideas wrapping around my brain. This is totally out of my element of comfort. Usually I am the one stitching from patterns. Coming up with something from my spacious brain is taxing!! And, I swear, if it looks tacky -- nobody will ever see it!! Tasteful vs Tacky ... sigh.

After a very windy night & morning ... the wind has lost its whip & the sun is shining brightly. Would you guess it is seven degrees out there?

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