Friday, February 01, 2008

Paintings Below Zero (Chicago, IL)

Museum of Modern Ice
February 1-29, 2008
Millennium Park, Cloud Gate
Chicago, IL

Millennium Park is open daily from 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.
I was watching t.v., for the weather updates, and saw a preview of this project -- Museum of Modern Ice. Looking forward to getting into the city this month & actually seeing it!


From the web site: This February, experience Chicago’s new winter celebration in downtown Millennium Park. The free, month-long outdoor festival features the U.S. debut of Canadian artist Gordon Halloran’s work, Paintings Below Zero.

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More information HERE

And... when you need to WARM UP from the outdoor exhibit -- you can cross the street and visit the Chicago Cultural Center for another free exhibit:

Petronele Gerlikiene: Embroidered Myths and Everyday Stories
through April 6, 2008
Chicago Cultural Center, Michigan Avenue Galleries
78 E. Washington Street

FYI - gift shop being remodeled & closed 1/27-2/7
Building closed 2/12 AND 2/18

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Crazee4books said...

Hi Lelia,

Those pictures of the cardinals are lovely. You have to admit, pain in the rear though winter/snow may be, it certainly makes a great backdrop for showing off the vivid colour and the beauty of the cardinal.

I may start reading Atonement next, since I just finished The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory. I want to read it before I stumble across someone somewhere who'll give away the ending. Do you want to see the movie, having read the book??

I agree that Home to Holly Springs had a much slower pace to it then the other books. But in this case at least I wasn't too bothered by it. I guess because I was curious about Father Tim's past, his family and especially his father, after the hints dropped in previous books. I wanted to know what had happened when he was a boy. And once I found the rhythm of the book I was fine with it.

I'm not one for tv watching either. Especially not since I got this computer 7 years ago. But it would be nice to have a modern tv if only so that I can enjoy my DVD movies in all their glory.

Ah, another lover of Water for Elephants. Didn't you just want to wrap Jacob up and bring him home with you?? What a guy!! Have you read anything else by this author (Sara Gruen)??

I see that you're reading the Forest Lover. I read that one last year after picking it up in the sales to speak. I'd read The Book of Small, which was written by Emily Carr, when I was in my teens and I'd seen some of her work as well. When my DH and I were in Victoria around 10 years ago we visited Emily Carr's family home. She was quite the character. I enjoyed Vreeland's book, even if it was a fictional account of Carr's life.

Love the pictures of your beautiful kitties. Especially the one of them on the rug by the door.