Thursday, March 06, 2008

Art-O-Mat + exhibits

I visited the Brauer Museum of Art earlier this afternoon. They have had an exhibit of Japanese Prints on display since December 7, 2007 -- and it is a 10-15 minute drove from my house -- and I decided I wanted to see the prints BEFORE they closed the exhibit down on March 23rd.

When I came home, I realized, my post about Chicago -- in February was in DRAFT form. I never finished it -- or published the post!

Can we pretend it is February? Here is the post:

- - - - - - - -

This is a picture of the Art-O-Mat machine I visited in Chicago, IL

The Cultural Affairs Department of Chicago
78 East Washington Street
Chicago, IL

What fun to find a cigarette machine - stocked with ART!!! I bought a $5.00 token from the Gift Shop & selected:

"Lively, multi-media creations with patterns, textures, and metallics."

by Paula Yardley Griffin

More Art-O-Mat Photos: LINK HERE

Maybe next time I visit Chicago, I'll have to stop by again and see what new & exciting pocket art is available : ) I'm thinking my visit into the city may have been the cause of the relapse in this cold ... I thought I was pretty much ok & on the mend ... and may have over-done it. I visited Millenium Park, during the sleet & rain storm, yeah, of course - typical February weather in Chicago -- because I just HAD TO SEE the Ice Museum. Yes, well worth it. A wall of ice in different colors. And the weather just enhanced the beauty. Tons of photographs HERE.

I did enjoy the The E. M. Bakwin Collection of Indonesian Textiles exhibit PLUS, had a ticket to view the Homer & Hopper Exhibits at the Art Institute of Chicago.

I hope to get back into the city to see the The Keiskamma Altarpiece, March 27 - May 11, 2008. Maybe visit City Stitcher, a needlepoint store. And, would like to see the Embroidered Myths and Everyday Stories exhibit. Big plans ... looking forward to another trek : )

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monique said...

Oh man, am I ever jealous! What a cool idea that Art-O-Mat is, eh? I looked at the website for locations and sadly there isn't one anywhere around me.