Thursday, May 01, 2008

Friendship Quilt Blocks, 2008

I hand pieced a couple of blocks for the Friendship Quilt. It didn't take long to stitch the pieces together

Now I need to decide which is the better of the two.
Which one do you like? The blue flower or the beige flower?

I will submit one of them next week. If you would like to participate, see This Post with more information.


Anonymous said...

I think the one on the right with the beige in the flower looks richer and has more depth.

Jenna said...

I like the beige better. It's centered nicely and captures/showcases the whole flower, whereas the blue one has part of another one in the block with it.

Emily said...

Hard to decide, they are both nice. :) I suppose the beige one offers a bit more contrast though.