Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A Quick Trip ...

After dropping Alex off at school, made a mad dash to get ready & head to the South Shore train station. It was a beautiful, cool, sunny day & I thought a visit to Chicago was in order. I went the Chicago Cultural Center first --- for a snap of the ceiling. It is such a beautiful building. Headed over to the Art Institute to view the 2nd rotation of Beyond Golden Clouds Japanese Screens

What a room full of beauty!!! That closes on September 27th

Then, I crossed the hallway and entered a special exhibit A Case for Wine which closes Sept 20th. I had not intended to wander thru this exhibit until I was told there were many TEXTILES
on display.

Textiles??? On display???Made for the Cathedral Seo de Urgel, Lérida, Spain

Yeah, went right on over & was delighted at the stumpwork around a wall mirror,

a needlepoint chair seat, a small bag, a bedcover with embroidery --- and more! I did an on-line search for textiles on display. Some of these came up in the search, others did not.

If you follow the link to the current exhibitions, you will see selected works --- not a lot of photos of the textiles, tho.

There were embroidered pieces, filet net pieces, a beautiful altar piece, altar cloth, fragments, etc. I was delighted to stumble on this exhibit.

Chalice Cover, Early 17th century

Had to walk quickly to the train station ... had to get back to haul DS around. Wish I would have had more free time today : )

My Mom's birthday is later this month & we may go see the exhibits, lunch, etc. I keep my fingers crossed for good weather & no mishaps!

SO --- if you are out and about in Chicago, take the time & check out the exhibit!!!

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