Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hair Pin Lace Tool

I purchased the Clover Hair Pin Lace Tool
and am struggling with the instructions

Anybody else own one?

I've been trying to lace inbetween the posts
and the crochet part is baffling to me --
maybe I have the wrong size hook or something,
tho, crochet skills -- I don't have ...

I sent an e-mail to Clover
and got a quick response,
including a name & phone number to call

Isn't that great?

I've been hunting for video on line
& hope to get this figured out!
or, I'll phone this kind woman
and maybe she can talk me thru it

1 comment:

sewmuchfun4 said...

You find such cool stuff! I need to start making a list. I found a video for this very item:


Make something pretty!
:) Ann