Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Into the books ....

Skein of the Crime
I just finished this book
Luv the whole series ...

Speaking of series, this
is the next one:
out in March 2011
Elm Creek

Did I mention winning a contest?
Yes, received an Elm Creek Quilts pin
in the mail

If you go to the web site & sign in
for the reader's circle, there are
questions & if you answer correctly,
and are chosen, you will have your
own pin!

I found this book at Hobby Lobby
(40% off coupon)

Description Elegance abounds in the graceful loops and whorls of Celtic knots. Part of an ancient tradition, these lovely designs found enduring expression in the Book of Kells, a ninth century illuminated gospel crafted by Irish monks whose Christian mission took them throughout much of the known world at the time. And while the designs themselves are of interwoven knots, tatting them requires only that you master the ability to weave your double-stitched tatting over, under, and around into beautiful patterns. This book includes 12 original designs to try. It is for needle or shuttle tatters.

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