Monday, January 24, 2011

wool .... wool .... and more wool

The bunny pictured above
was a gift from GF Sue (w/o blog)

Oh, she knows me so well.

Cute bunny things delight me - perhaps Spring bunnies make me smile
thinking about the end of WINTER weather .... ice + snow are dreary.

In addition to the cute bunny angel,
she gave me a candle mat kit
Bunny Hop Candle Mat

I have a 'collection' of wool patterns and kits started.

Our EGA Chapter is having a candle mat class this spring. GF Beth (w/o blog) will be teaching us.

(I cannot wait for the class)

Beth gave me these lovelies:

Knowing I was going to learn wool techniques, I found some fun stuff (on sale):
Bunnies Mat
pattern + kit with wool felt

Coral Blossoms Needlework Set

Hearts + Flowers mat

Goodness. I hope I enjoy making these up!
I certainly have a nice collection of patterns + wools to use.
Just waiting for the class to begin.

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Myrna said...

What cool stuffs!!! You are so talented... looks like something I wouldn't even dare attempt. Love the bunny!