Friday, April 01, 2011

International Tatting Day

Hello, today I'm celebrating
Tatting Day

GF, Southpaw Stitcher
pointed out how tatters have a good sense of humor, selecting April Fool's Day
-- I think tatters celebrating with chocolate + tatting for the day just ROCK!

I've had a few things out ... sorted thru my crochet hooks + shuttles.
Rounded up my crochet fiber, they end up all over the house.

Needed to empty a few shuttles - practiced the split ring,
shoe lace to switch threads, and continue to have problems
getting both sides even. So, I cheat. Make one side with an extra DS.

This is tatted with Tahki Yarn
80% wool, 20% nylon (My guess is that it is similar to a size 10 fiber)
pattern in Mini Tats by Patti Duff

I did
finally spend enough time to
figure out
this pink project
from Anna Magazine (May 1991).
I started it awhile back, set it aside,
and couldn't figure out where I left off + how to pick it up to finish.

Lesson learned: don't set it down --- just get it finished!

I'm planning to finish the outside edge tonight.

Happy Tatting Day!!!!!!!!!!!!


God's Kid said...

Your split rings are looking pretty good to me! :)
Neat mini tat motif! :)
Pretty doily! :)

Decoromana said...

Happy Tatting Day

Fox said...

Pretty pink pattern! Are you going to finish it?? ; ))

Mini Tats is an amazing book. I tis my go-to reference when I want to empty a shuttle.
Fox : )