Saturday, October 22, 2011

Found 2" size, not 3" size

I'm going to give Christa's tatting pattern a go ...
It is called "Colonial Ladies" Tiny Tatted Trim

These wooden pieces will eventually be dolls with bonnets, lace collars, and skirt trims.

I searched hi/lo for these pieces - found a couple pkg at a superJoAnnFabrics store, and look forward to giving the tatting a try.   (couldn't find the the 3" size.)

Actually, I'm not exactly sure which size is for the pattern - but I can adjust fiber size 

What fun - I may order the 3" on-line as they aren't expensive for a pkg of 10.

The pattern was in the latest 
L.A.C.E. newsletter.

And, check out Christa's blog:
Feeling Blessed

Stay tuned .....

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