Tuesday, December 06, 2011

11th Tatting Day - Theme Jingle Bells

Oh yes - there were exclusive tatting projects taught 
during Tatting Day.   I'm just a very slow tatter!   Did enjoy learning 
new tatting technique and think I can get these done before the holiday.

This is the kit from Kay Judt -- eventually, I will get the tatting
completed and the ornament assembled.
Her pattern is wonderful and she showed us how to put it all together.

OK, so my tatted piece (on the red thimble) isn't much,
some day it will be finished!   I think I need to start over as my
chains are a mess.   Would look better if they were
a better tension.

This is a start on a bell pattern
by Merie Lettieri - I was using size 40 fiber
for the very first time.

I love the color (#644).   This pattern can
be made with picots, or beads, with jingle bells added.

Yes, Merie thought of variations on her pattern.

This one is staying out on the desk to get more rings and chains done.
I'd really like to make it thru the whole pattern!

These teachers are great and attending these classes is wonderful.
I've learned so much and enjoyed the people I've met.

With this darn cold that slowed me down,
I feel like I'm 7-10 days behind everything I had planned!

Feeling much better and looking forward to the holiday festivities.

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