Saturday, April 30, 2011

sorry ...

Sorry to anyone who received e-mail from me 4/29 around 1:01pm.

It wasn't really from me - I have reset my password + hope it doesn't happen again.

Always, L.

Friday, April 29, 2011

practice motifs

The small motif on the left, my own creation.

(LizBeth 139, size 20)


The small motif on the right is from MiniTats by Patti Duff.
The center was a small ring & lots of lock joins.

(Probably size 20 - fiber was a gift)


Notice the new shuttle?

You can find them + other tatting supplies at
AKTATTER's Country Store

I've enjoyed the On Line Tatting Class , still feel there are loads of tatting things to learn!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm so lucky ....

.... to have sweet blogging friends!

Thx Cathy B
for the Easter card (I adore all things 'bunny' themed)

and your Mom
for gifting me with this beautiful tatted cross!

I hope one day I can tat as well as she does
and can repay her kindness.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Riet's SSSR Dragonfly

Oh my - need more practice on single shuttle split rings ...

Libel, the Dragonfly
pattern by Riet Surtel-Smeulders .

Split rings much easier for me using 2 shuttles.

(size 20 Lizbeth 663)

Will pick up the shuttles again on Monday - enjoy the week-end

Thursday, April 21, 2011

lock join

When I was shopping at the vendor areas,
during Indiana Lace Day,
I purchased Motifs for Marie.
Kaye Judt was kind enough to show me how
to tat motif #6 in her book.
I am grateful for the LJ demo.

I think I did ok with the motif. I'd like to try this again with a pink fiber - a size 20.
(Fiber might be cebelia#10 - had something already on the shuttle)

Motifs for Marie
c. Kaye B. Judt, 2009

I like this book. The projects are small enough for me to try.
I like the directions as there are spaces between each element.

Next, I want to try one of the dimple heart shapes.

Honiton Lace

The delicate fabric of high society

Interesting Article (link above) re.

Honiton Lace

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


The snowflake on the left was supposed
to be a pattern in Mini-Tats by Patti Duff.

Somehow, I missed the center ring w/picots.

I kept tatting + think it looks ok.


the very smallish one was just practice
on the SCMR.

probably needs more picot decorations


the third one is #31 out of
Mini-Tats by Patti Duff

I have problems with the chains
once the rings are joined together.
I get the folded join on the
last ring - to first ring.

Not sure how to hold the snowflake
to finish that final chain!

The third one, I cut the fiber
from the ball and brought it
to the front. Way easier for me
to make the final chain!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


EDITED 4/13/2011 @1:00 p.m. I have received an e-mail from Carolyn (Lafayette Lacers) who says:

"I read the above on your blog and yes, we do have some shuttles and bobbins left. They can contact me for information."


Had some e-mails w/questions

Close-up of Souveniers.
I suggest contacting Lafayette Lacers about purchasing.
I was told the shuttles were made in England, that is about all I know about them.

As for 'whats in the yellow box': this prize is a tatting shuttle bling(ing) kit.
you can read about blinging shuttles on Diane's post Blinging My Way

Prize 45, I thought were a pair of decorated bobbins for the prize ... tho, included with the bobbins were other items. There was also a draw string bag with a wedding theme, pincushion, over the arm chair pincushion, and some charms.

Inquiring minds put to rest? More soon.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Lace Day

Shopping bag from Lace Day: books, shuttles, fibers, prizes, souveniers, and a kit for GF Sue.

Haul from the workshop ... The teachers were far more fabulous than my tatting reflects.
Kaye Judt + Jennifer, Tatting Corner patiently instructed the workshop. Thx a million, you both totally rock.

We learned dimensional tatting by making a poppy flower center. Mine is a practice piece - will be done in a dark fiber and added to the flower (yo yo).

The butterfly, see the blue butterfly? Eventually it will be edged with blue size 20 fiber. I was going around with the tatting + everything was so awkward in hand --- had to re start and try moving around the shape in a different direction. We added blingie dots with a heat tool (actually jennifer added them!)

Tatted the body of a dragonfly with wings added ... wire wings fused with shiny stuff (ok, I forget the name of the sparkle paper). The dragonfly had beads for eyes (and my beading GFs, I hope you are reading this, I managed to get beads in place). Plus, went over a daffodil pattern using similar tatting join (alligator join - bobble tatting)

As I looked around, I was inspired by my table mates.
Such beautiful tatting + fun cheering the ah-ha moments!
(swapping cell phones for kitty picture sharing)

I learn so much more each time I have a lesson. My pieces start out all wobbly in hand and as I continue thru the patterns, the chains improve, the rings improve ... one side wobbly, the other side .... not so bad. IMO - books helpful, videos helpful, diagrams helpful ... none compares to attending a workshop.

Happy 30th Anniversary and
Thank you to all the members
of Lafayette Lacers who put this event

These are links to bloggers (that I am aware of)
who have pretty much covered Lace Day activities .
I can't think of anything more to add --

Gina blogging at Threads of a Tatting Goddess, has two great
posts on her blog with pictures
Displays, WIPs, Tools and People + Vendors

Very Nice pictures + video on Bat Tatter's Blog post:
Lace Day ( -- I was so green with envy when she won the jar of tatting fibers! I was standing next to her as she kept reaching for her prizes!)

Diane, blooging at Lace lovin librarian has a lovely post: Oh yes, I did have fun!".

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A good mail day ...

Errors on the photos - so, I've uploaded them again .... sorry

I was fortunate to be the winner of
Sue's blog

Sue said, on her blog, that she learned a lot
in her first year of tatting
and enjoys seeing all the beautiful things
people share in blog-land.

Last I checked, she was on #11 of the
25 motif challenge.

What a wonderful package,
a delightful card and a beautiful tatted braclet,
thx Sue - I'm thrilled to wear it ; )

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

sometimes you just need your lucky shuttle

Homework, for the

On line tatting class

Cherry Blossom 2011
c. Jane Eborall

link to the SCMR sheet, instructions (under the tatting litter!)

Monday, April 04, 2011

my first doily

Used size 20 Cebelia. Will attempt to block later today.

The middle of this project is from:
Learn How to Tat
by Janette Baker.

Being new to tatting, I wasn't able
to figure out the entire Daffodil Doily
(recently, I realized there is a corrected pattern on her blog).

I went to the public library book sale + found
Anna Magazine, May 1991 -- which had a similar doily.

I used the outside edge of the pattern in the magazine
and got lost along the way. Those joins were just
not easy for me to figure out - and the reverse work
was new to me. Had problems just holding on to the piece!

Yet, beginners need to start someplace, I had the book + tried the lessons (kinda in order)
and practice and practice and practice.

Overall, I learned to stick to one pattern,
tat until it is finished, not set aside for months + forget how to pick it up again ---
get the fiber tighter when reversing -
still find flipping the thing over a challenge,
think the picot gauges help --

Not sure I will attempt this pattern a second time.
Practice pieces are a good thing

It is time to move along to other patterns,
ie. hearts, bookmarks, ornaments, edgings.

And beads,
and jewelry,
and a fancy butterfly pattern I found in Workbook Magazine.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Mini Tat #31

I finished up this small
design with size 20,
Color 117 Lizbeth Country Side

(I plan to send it to a friend in Monday's mail.)

Pattern can be found in:
69 Petite Motifs

by Patti Duff

Friday, April 01, 2011

International Tatting Day

Hello, today I'm celebrating
Tatting Day

GF, Southpaw Stitcher
pointed out how tatters have a good sense of humor, selecting April Fool's Day
-- I think tatters celebrating with chocolate + tatting for the day just ROCK!

I've had a few things out ... sorted thru my crochet hooks + shuttles.
Rounded up my crochet fiber, they end up all over the house.

Needed to empty a few shuttles - practiced the split ring,
shoe lace to switch threads, and continue to have problems
getting both sides even. So, I cheat. Make one side with an extra DS.

This is tatted with Tahki Yarn
80% wool, 20% nylon (My guess is that it is similar to a size 10 fiber)
pattern in Mini Tats by Patti Duff

I did
finally spend enough time to
figure out
this pink project
from Anna Magazine (May 1991).
I started it awhile back, set it aside,
and couldn't figure out where I left off + how to pick it up to finish.

Lesson learned: don't set it down --- just get it finished!

I'm planning to finish the outside edge tonight.

Happy Tatting Day!!!!!!!!!!!!