Saturday, December 29, 2012


(using cell phone)

He comes in - he wants out.
The night before last, he came in around Midnight + slept until around 5am
and wanted back out.

Last night, he came in around Midnight + slept until around 1am
and wanted back out.

I don't know where he goes - he keeps coming back!

(using cell phone)

Stays up on the desk and watches for Jasper's return.
They kinda ignore each other.

After seeing Diane's lovely tatted snowflakes,
I ordered the book - wow,

what a nice book of patterns!

by Samantha Melnychuk

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Must have for 2013 ....

Not sure about you, I look forward to shopping at Barnes and Noble for calendars on 12/26.   Today, Tori + I enjoyed making our selections.

This is my 2013 Diary ---

2013 prints from the MFA-Boston
(wall calendar)

wall calendar for our family schedules
(wall calendar in the kitchen).

Tori found a beautiful 2013
Monet Diary and a wall calendar with
--- excellent choices.

Not that I needed any, found lovely holiday
with Lucy Grossmith paintings.
Guess maybe it is time to mail out some cards!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tollway Tatters (Part Two)

Aren't these stunning?????   Diane made them.
I may gift a couple - but, they are so pretty,
may be too hard to part with them.

Diane tatted this
Triangular Doodad Snow Crystal in size 10.
It is just beautiful!

She also brought along the button swap pieces
pieces from Bri (but I forgot to take a photo).
What fun to swap buttons and have them return, embellished!

Diane had a tin of beads/fibers and challenged 
us to be creative!   Not sure what we will come up with.
In addition to the challenge - there was a small
hook tool to help with the beads and charming
round discs that look like life savers.
Thx Diane!


The white star ornament on the left
was tatted by CathyB's Mom, Marlene.

I found a similar pattern (or perhaps it is the same pattern)
in Myra Piper's book:   Tatting.
The pattern is typed out - no diagram, and I wasn't quite
sure how to manage .... but, I tried using size 40 Lizbeth
and think I've figured out the pattern.
By using size 40, I think it will be smaller + look nice
on my Mom's tree.

I have been enjoying Marilee Rockley's tatting class.

I used some fiber samplers, size 3
for the flowers and butterflies -
to use on cards / scrapbooking.

I have more green fiber - and will make more
of the grass in green!

Now that I have some size 10 fiber, I'm ready
to continue with the next lessons
making earrings, bracelets, etc - with size 8 seed beads.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tollway Tatters (Part One)

'Santa' Sue Anna was tatting
experimented with a different count on the chains
and tried size 10 fiber with a Dream Catcher component.
Visit Diane's blog for the pattern.

Sue Anna brought some tatting with her.   She tatted 
this beautiful motif (Lizbeth Scottish Thistle)
AND, she brought along:
tatting she received from Jane - so, lovely!!!
(my photos do not do justice).

'Santa' Sue Anna gave each of us a kit of candy
to create candy sleighs!    She shared some of the new
Lizbeth fiber colors, and some size 10 fiber.
Plus, a beautiful Cherry Vanilla Aerlit shuttle.
Thx Sue Anna ; )


Barbara was tatting
Merie Lettieri's
She added pearl beads + so far, looks fantatsic!

I think she said this was her
third tatted bell.   The red and white look festive.

She shared some of her size 80 + size 10 fibers, too. 
Thx Barbara!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Lizbeth: Size 3

Handy Hands send a Lizbeth brand, size 3 fiber sample 
with their newsletter.   

Earlier this evening, I tatted a butterfly doodle.
The 4-ring butterfly seemed to use a lot of fiber!
Keeping the ring of DS seemed clumsy at first.

I was glad I had a practice piece before
this motif from MiniTats
(This one is motif #12).
I chose this motif, as the shuttle only needed about 6' of size 3
for the rings -- the rest was from the spool of fiber.

I don't have much left on the spool.
Maybe more doodles this evening!

Did you notice the pretty shuttle?
This one decorated by Diane, blogging
Her color coordinating with her tatting 
is rubbing off on me!

I own 2 wooden shuttles, and find the
fiber shreds while winding.   Tips are so tightly pinched together.
Have not actually used them.

The two new shuttles for my collection
are Gr-8.   I knew they existed; however,
when I held one in my hand (belonged to Tatting Friend),
I knew I'd have to own one!
When I couldn't decide, I bought two.   
I have not tried them yet - they are very pretty to look at!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

2012: 25 Motif Challenge

Thank you Sharon for being our leader
and doing such a nice job with the 

I used Lizbeth fiber,  Col. 171, Size 20.

Motif #25 pattern from
Minitats; 69 Petite Motifs by Patti Duff.

Now I'm ready for next year's challenge ...
 another 25 motifs.
(Motifs #26-50)

Did you notice the special shuttles?

The green shuttle embellished with cherries
and GLITTER, was a gift from Diane.
She does a marvelous job decorating shuttles.   
Shuttles with bling are so much fun to use!

The Aerlit was a gift
from Sue Anna.   I've never used a
shuttle with a bobbin - it took some
getting used to, but a lovely shuttle to tat with
once I got the hang of it.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Giveaway ... and etc.

Oh my, I'm over-the-moon with 
my new fibers!!!   I was fortunate to be the lucky
one chosen for Yarnplayer's giveaway

Yippee Skippee -- so spoiled, I stink!

And, if you haven't been to her blog recently,

Here is motif #24 from Minitats (by Patti Duff).
I used Ice Blue Lizbeth Fiber - size 20.
The lock joins were a challenge!!!
Only need one more to meet the 25 motif challenge for 2012;

While at the most recent Tollway Tatters Gathering, I had
forgotten my yellow folder at home, which housed my tatting patterns : (   
oh my --- what to do?   Never fear, Denise brought
her Minitats book + let me use her copy while she tatted
a snowflake from another book  ... 
I made this little tree motif - I tried to use the #60 motif
 pattern from Minitats + wanted to change it to have the
start and end at the top of the tree.  oops - didn't
quite manage that.   Marilee aka Yarnplayer
suggested a split ring at the top.

Oh my --- why didn't I think of that??? the next one
will have a split ring at the top!!!

We have so much fun when we get together.
Our tables are loaded with tatting books, patterns,
shuttles, bags, and it is a wonderful time to exchange ideas
and tat the afternoon away ; )
(Pictured above:   Eva, Diane, Barbara, Marilee)

Did you notice the shipping deals at
Lots of deals around Veteran's Day and Cyber Monday and Black Friday, and
what ever else..... I had ordered some thread 
Sulky Blendables (because Diane gave me a sample
and the stuff is oodles of fun to use, so I had to own a few spools).

and, I noticed they also have Art Bins
slim line that I like to use.
The pink has a magnetic strip to keep the
crochet hooks from rolling around.
The blue and green are clear + wonderful to use
for scissors and markers, etc.

How can today be November 30th???

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tollway Tatters (part five)

Sue Anna
tats away with perfect tension.
Her tatting is an inspiration.

This is tatted with the new Aerlit tatting shuttle
using the recent released size 3
by LizBeth ... like the colorways!

(did you notice another nifty tatting bag????)

Look at this lovely motif - using LizBeth Scottish Thistle fiber.

Sue Anna also shared multiple balls
of fibers with the tatters gathered.
She offered all the colorways of the new size 3 fiber
to grab a few feet and give it a try.   Oh, and her
generosity didn't stop there --- she also
gifted each of us with our choice of the Aerlit tatting shuttle!!!
She had ALL the colors.   They are so pretty.
(I confess to not trying it yet - but I will try soon)

Thank you Sue Anna - you are the best!

After the LONG week I had with multiple 'issues' and installation of new appliances (how stressful that can be) ... I was so happy to gather together and tat the afternoon away.   Looking forward to meeting up again!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tollway Tatters (part four)

was designing as she tatted along.
(unlike struggling me - baffled by patterns and
mere lock joins!  Also notice the book on the table???   
Plenty of books get passed along and it is
AWESOME to see a books contents
before opting to purchase .... thx Denise and Diane).
Marilee ended up with a marvelous

Marilee brought some of her famous
fibers - you know the ones ... from
Aren't these gorgeous???
Tourmaline and Nightwind.   ooooo ... so pretty.

Marilee also shared bundles of these lovely woven
square cloths --- They were like wrapping paper w/ribbon.   
We'd open them up to find LizBeth fiber!
and chocolate bars (were delicious.)

Thx Marilee!!!   I have the cloth on my basket in my room.
The colors are just lovely.

And, by the way --- couldn't help notice,
Marilee also was sporting a stunning bag for her oodles of tatting goodies:
Did you notice the heart on the needle book
and the lovely scissors keep?

Betcha wish you were there, tatting right along with us .... stay tuned more to follow ....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tollway Tatters (part three)

tatted a stunning piece with metal doodat + beads
photo of it finished, on her blog post - HERE.
The motif from the ever popular
Minitats by Patti Duff book.
Am I spotting a new shuttle ??? a blue shuttle??? 
Could it be one of the new Aerlit bobbin shuttles?

And, we revisited the split ring.
These made by Diane.
Seems both Denise and I make them
in a similar way - without causing
so much pain in the hand!!!!

Woot - now Diane will be off to the races with split rings
in her patterns.   No stopping her now ; )

Our new challenge pieces --- THREE of them ...
oh my, who knows what the creative tatters will end up with ; )
I confess I'm not finished the first doo dat challenge.
Didn't get the tatting started - did have a couple diagrams/notes started.

Diane had some gifts to share ... a new to me fiber to try,
and blingged shuttles!   Floral and Cherries.   Both so pretty + glittery.
Then, come to find, her generosity continues with oodles
of doodats and beads to choose!!!   Awesome stash builders.
thank you ever so much Diane.

I adore this photo of Diane and Eva!
Eva is learning how to tat + is moving right along
making chains:
Eva also went around the table
and took photos for Diane.
She is the sweetest peach!

Hang on now ... there is more, are you wondering about those nifty new shuttles?   Stay tuned.