Friday, January 27, 2012


Fiber:  Flora 20 
Color 11

#2 from Mini Tats

Fiber:  Lizbeth 40
Color 644

I made the butterfly on the back of the
Starlit Tatting Shuttle package.   A nice shuttle.

I like the Lizbeth thread holders - keeps
the fiber clean and free of pet fur.

These little doodles are fun - nice to use
the fibers left over on the shuttles.

Tried to tat #3 of the Mini Tat book (a couple times) and cannot get it right.   
Will give it another try this week-end.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


GF Beth made this adorable
punch needle ornament.

I am guessing the sparkle paper is some kind of felt.   
I'm not sure.   I have to find out more!

(the sock monkey is a gift from Karol.)

Thx so much!


I have my tatting out - 
I hope to get a heart tatted by the end of the day.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Second Hand Books

is having a book sale
Jan 8 - Feb 29.

and click (excel or pdf)  for the list
and details.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

January First - a.k.a. Laundry Day

Mr. Katt sleeping on the clothes dryer.

It is so windy + some snow flurries outside.
I think Mr. Katt found the warmest place in the house.

Beautiful roses. DH + DS-N
bought a dozen roses from the grocery store.

This artificial tree was a 
gift from DH (before we married).

Usually, we get a pine tree w/root ball; however,
the nursery closed before we got over there.

DD decorated - she chose carefully.   And, Mr. Katt
took down the ornaments one at a time.
And, we'd put them back on the tree.
Mr. Katt thought the tree was just for him.

Probably going back in the box in the next couple days.

happy new year!!!!