Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week end funness ....

Isn't this charming?

CathyB, blogging at
and her Mom, Marlene,
came to Indiana over the
past week-end.

Marlene tatted the motif +
CathyB finished into a cute

Thx Marlene and Cathy ; )

You can see more pictures of the tatted tartlets
HERE and HERE ...
some with butterflies, some with round motifs.

Marlene wanted to learn
how to create split rings ...
and, I did my best to show her how I make them.

I think she has the technique down ..
and, her tatting is spectacular!   Even tension,
she has a good eye for patterns ; )

And, she had a stack of tatting to show.
Am I ever gobsmacked by her beautiful bookmarks,
cross, round motifs - ornaments.   Wow.

Did I mention the butterfly she had?   She takes
two fibers and tats them at the same time.
It make a thick tatted butterfly, but the colorway is awesome!
(I should have taken a picture)

We had lunch at 
Mucho Mas! + they
continued on to the Outlet Mall.

Such a nice afternoon.    Wish we all lived closer.
Thank goodness for internet, blogs, and e-mail.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Giving Quilt

I'm looking forward to The Giving Quilt
by Jennifer Chiaverini .... release date 10/30!!!!

I've enjoyed each of the novels in the 
Elm Creek Quilt series.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

yummy yummy

Pattern is Motif #19
Minitats by Patti Duff

This thread is a gift from Lace-lovin' Librarian, Diane.  Do you remember her blog posts of Stumpy motifs???   She tatted stumpy patterns in many thread colors from YLI and Sulky Blendables.   She sent some thread for me to try.   I practiced a bit with green, size 50 fiber (motif on the left side) before using the sample.    

Sulky Blendables is pretty skinny stuff (12 wt thread); however, the color is yummy.  This is color, 4088 (tatting on the right).   I think this motif will be used in a future jewelry project I've had sketched out on a sheet of paper.   I don't know how pattern designers can get the ideas out of their heads, tatted in fiber, and charted on paper!   I do admire their talents ; )


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This motif looks 100 % better.

And, I have a little bit of fiber left over for more doodles.
Isn't this color awesome????

Motif #18

Minitats by Patti Duff

I think I've got it ...

After a couple starts .... I think I've got the pattern.
(#18 motif

I think the first time ... I was not RW at the same time at each part of the motif.

Do enjoy this fiber from Yarnplayer!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Motif #18 - first try

The snowflake in the middle is
motif #18.

I made some mistakes along the way
and plan to try it again.
I tend to RW at the wrong time
and it makes the chains wonky.
I hope I have enough fiber to give this pattern another try ...

Isn't the fiber pretty stuff?
It is from Yarnplayer aka Marilee Rockley.

Think I'll manage 25 motifs by the end of the year?

I continue with 
#17 motif in 
Patti Duff's:  Minitats; 69 Petite Motifs book.

This time, I used size 40 fiber
Lizbeth color 646.
This is perfect for size 40 - very delicate.

The next motif has 6 points - and,
I haven't quite figured it out (yet).

This is the book's cover:
69 Motifs

Patti Duff

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Tollway Tatter gathering photos ....

Denise, Diane, Sue Anna + Barbara

Sue Anna's show-n-tell from Tat Days

Sue, Marilee, + Cheryl

Diane, Sue Anna + Barbara

And, I'm not one to leave empty handed .....
Piz azz by Yarnplayer (couldnt resist)

Goodies from Denise

Goodies from Diane

New piece to try (from Sue) - feels like plastic!

Lastly ....
Somehow I managed tatting a motif out of the
#16 made with size 20 LizBeth fiber.
color 663

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Tatting w/the Tollway Tatters

Diane had her beautifully tatted projects w/do-dats:
(aka Lace Lovin' Librarian) ... photos do not do justice!

Denise had lovely holiday tatting - candy canes from Patti Duff's book, Mini Tats ...
and her own creation with a jewelry do-dat.

(Yarnplayer) Marilee Rockley brought her latest creations:
and had this beauty with her:
... and, I came home and bought the pattern off her etsy!

This is tatted by Sue (God's Kid), a bracelet I won from her blog giveaway:
Sue won Jon's giveaway + brought the tatting for all of us to see:

Sue Anna's 4-shuttle bracelet:

Sue Anna brought oodles of goodies to show us from Tat Days --- oodles and oodles ...

Sue Anna's tatting (Tat Days class)

more photos in the next post .....

Friday, October 05, 2012

Giveaway ....

OK, did you already pick it up?

Jennifer, blogging at Literate Housewife,
has a nice giveaway thru 10/8.   Details on her post

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Kanzashi flowers w/tatting

Lovely cotton fabric w/tatting and button.
Tatting is from Mini Tats book

I used five different gold fabrics to create this lovely flower.
Added an easy tatted motif (pattern below) + secured w/button.

I like this lavender material so much - the photo doesn't do justice
to the lovely color and charming motifs.
Added an easy tatted motif  (pattern below)  + secure w/button.

Lovely off white fabric w/navy stars.
Added an easy tatted pattern (pattern below) and button.

This is a pattern sheet I created with some easy-to-tat motifs.
I like to make them and use them on the kanzashi flowers.   I tried to make
the lettering darker.   

I enjoy making Kanzashi flowers (w/templates by Clover) and adding
tatting to decorate.    I like to secure w/button or a fabric yo yo.
(middle flower has motif #8 from Mini Tats book).

Comments?   Questions?   e-mail me