Sunday, November 04, 2012

25 Motif challenge + miscellaneous

For the 25 Motif Challenge ...

Motif #22 from 
by Patti Duff

Lizbeth, Size 20, Color 163.
This blue colorway is so soft - wonder if they have a
soft blend of lavenders?

I hope to complete 1-25 this year (have tatted 1-23 so far);
I hope to continue the 25 Motif Challenge in 2013 with
motif #26-50, the patterns look amazing.

And on to Misc:

If you read my previous post,
I was winding two fibers on a shuttle and tatting -- the 
result is very interesting (and fun to do).

Jane Eborall  (in her comment) refers to it as  HWT - Hand Wound Thread.   
It has a name!   I will call it HWT, too!

I plan to grab a couple fibers, tat with them + see what happens.

My Tollway Tatting friends encouraged me to --- 
well, they said I HAD TO subscribe to the Handy Hands Newsletter.
So, I did as instructed + with the mailing I received was a
size 3 Tatting Fiber to try.   What lovely colors!
And, thx for twisting my arm a bit - I seriously thought it was all needle tatting.
I was so wrong.

I bought this broomstick lace bag
at a Farmer's Market in Celebration, FL.   I just HAVE TO figure out
how to make these.   My crochet attempts are just pitiful.
I bought a clover 'tool' and have yet to play with it!   

I purchase these cards at the local Hallmark.   Thy have stickers to attach inside
the circle - so, instead of purchasing the stickers ...  I attach some of my tatted butterflies.  
 There are pink cards, yellow cards, green cards, etc.   
 As they are becoming hard to locate - I may have to stock up!!!

This lovely fiber (butterfly) is one made by Yarnplayer.
I used up all I had + made a couple doodles with the left overs on the shuttles.
It is a lovely pastel.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I like the effect of the HWT, and it's always different from what I think it will be. I made some broomstick lace years ago... early 70s? It wasn't difficult, but I became bored with it very quickly. However, seeing your pretty little pouch, I might be interested in trying it again. Great idea with the cards!

God's Kid said...

Nice motif!! :)
Lovely butterfly!! :)

Cindy said...

I'm always trying to think of a way to make cards with my tatting but they look so blah. You've found the perfect solution!

The Robins Nest OCrowley said...

Very nice ideas!!