Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tollway Tatters (Part One)

'Santa' Sue Anna was tatting
experimented with a different count on the chains
and tried size 10 fiber with a Dream Catcher component.
Visit Diane's blog for the pattern.

Sue Anna brought some tatting with her.   She tatted 
this beautiful motif (Lizbeth Scottish Thistle)
AND, she brought along:
tatting she received from Jane - so, lovely!!!
(my photos do not do justice).

'Santa' Sue Anna gave each of us a kit of candy
to create candy sleighs!    She shared some of the new
Lizbeth fiber colors, and some size 10 fiber.
Plus, a beautiful Cherry Vanilla Aerlit shuttle.
Thx Sue Anna ; )


Barbara was tatting
Merie Lettieri's
She added pearl beads + so far, looks fantatsic!

I think she said this was her
third tatted bell.   The red and white look festive.

She shared some of her size 80 + size 10 fibers, too. 
Thx Barbara!

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Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

We sure had fun! I hardly gave notice to the gloomy weather outside. :-)