Monday, December 17, 2012

Tollway Tatters (Part Two)

Aren't these stunning?????   Diane made them.
I may gift a couple - but, they are so pretty,
may be too hard to part with them.

Diane tatted this
Triangular Doodad Snow Crystal in size 10.
It is just beautiful!

She also brought along the button swap pieces
pieces from Bri (but I forgot to take a photo).
What fun to swap buttons and have them return, embellished!

Diane had a tin of beads/fibers and challenged 
us to be creative!   Not sure what we will come up with.
In addition to the challenge - there was a small
hook tool to help with the beads and charming
round discs that look like life savers.
Thx Diane!


The white star ornament on the left
was tatted by CathyB's Mom, Marlene.

I found a similar pattern (or perhaps it is the same pattern)
in Myra Piper's book:   Tatting.
The pattern is typed out - no diagram, and I wasn't quite
sure how to manage .... but, I tried using size 40 Lizbeth
and think I've figured out the pattern.
By using size 40, I think it will be smaller + look nice
on my Mom's tree.

I have been enjoying Marilee Rockley's tatting class.

I used some fiber samplers, size 3
for the flowers and butterflies -
to use on cards / scrapbooking.

I have more green fiber - and will make more
of the grass in green!

Now that I have some size 10 fiber, I'm ready
to continue with the next lessons
making earrings, bracelets, etc - with size 8 seed beads.


Corina said...

Lovely tatting!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I need you to take more of my photos... they're all so good!

Marilee Rockley said...

Your photos are really wonderful! Please do post some of your beautiful projects on Craftsy, too, so more people can enjoy seeing them.