Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tollway Tatters ..... continued

Tatting by Lace-Lovin' Librarian, Diane:

Size 20 HDT by Yarnplayer:  Pansy

Oh, yes!!! If you are familiar with Diane's blog,
you know the pattern ....

Spinning Wheel -- Glass Mat
pattern located in

In addition to bringing part of her Spinning Wheel
collection for us to drool over ...
Diane was a busy bee at her sewing machine.
She created multiple Origami Bags !!!

The colors, so beautiful, we each chose --just ONE.
We will be decorating the bag flaps with our tatting.
I liked the green ... I think will be pretty with pink motifs.

(Diane and Marilee)

Tatting by Barbara:
I peeked at the pattern - I think it was a 
fall leaf (my mind is so lost).

Barbara brought a couple (new - to - me) books to look at
This one on my "purchase one day" list.

AND she brought her tatted motifs in which she added
buttons.  Her necklace is lovely!!!  It is a star from Karey Solomon's book Tatting with Buttons.   The pieces Barbara made are in her album HERE.
Oh the projects are wonderful.   What fun to have them in hand!

(Diane, Marilee, Barbara (notice her star necklace?), and Denise)

Before we got together, I had gone on-line looking up
some FREE patterns (tatting using buttons) and, found these:

Lisa Trumble - Link HERE
Jane Eborall - Link HERE
Debi Pennington - Link HERE
Birgit - Link HERE

Denise was planning to make a pin (gift) by using a larger button,
glue a pin back on the button --- and
 tat one of her favorite patterns around the button.
Denise also brought a few of her bookmarks - she tried
a different 'tail' from the one she sent me.   The colors are beautiful!!!!

I brought a heart, made by CathyB's Mom, Marlene.
You might be familiar with Cathy's blog, With Needle and Thread.
It looks like / similar to Debi Pennington's pattern.

No surprise ...
I tatted a heart using HDT by Yarnplayer.
Motif #69 from book
Minitats by Patti Duff

This was an attempt on Motif #68
(Minitats by Patti Duff)
I made a couple mistakes + plan to tat this heart again

Tollway Tatters ..... Part I

What a wonderful gathering of tatting friends.   

We chat, share recent finds, enjoy lunch (bring or buy),
bring recently purchased books & patterns, share hints & tips 
 take pictures --- and we TAT!  Really, we do!

Tatting by Denise:

Gemma Alphecca tatted star

pattern in November 2012 issue of

Denise had a few stars tatted.   I think she said
fiber used was Lizbeth Pineapple Parfait.

Denise gifted each of us with 
a new to me tool --- called hackle pliers.
They are a nice size + I've used them already!

She also brought stunning shuttles
one with a frog charm - too cute!!!
There is a photo HERE.

(Barbara, Denise, Sue Anna)

Tatting by Sue Anna aka The Scribinator:

tatting up a beaded earring around a
jewelry finding.  Spectacular color choice.

In addition to a lovely tatted cross pattern,
Sue Anna brought these to share ....

Chocolate Shortbread Cookies ..... Yes, Chocolate Shortbread!!!
She brought plain cookies and fancy ones.
Ah, too yummie!

Sue Anna had a nifty plastic box with trays -
A tackle box for tatters!!! I should have taken a picture ---
What a fun way to cargo tatting gear ; )

She had a woven hand cloth, too - which
I didn't get a photo of!!!!   She made on
a small loom.   

(On the left side of table Diane's hands (cell phone), Marilee
and Denise on the right)

Do you see the plastic bin next to Marilee's
left arm?
Marilee shared beautiful wool/silk
hand dye fiber - there were several colors
to choose from; however, I couldnt resist

Marilee was using her Filigree Earring Pattern
and creating a companion piece.
My photo was blurry - so, check out photos on
 Diane's blog to see what she was up to!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Luv Always!

DD made + sent this lovely card ...
and, she sent this:
Lucky Me!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Flowers from DH:

Hope your day was special, too!

Beautiful tatting ....

I received this lovely bookmark in January ...
and, my camera just stopped turning on.

So, after researching digital pocket
size cameras - I found one on sale
and had to wait for it to be shipped.

Sorta hard to describe tatting without photos!

This lovely bookmark is tatted by Denise
(Tollway Tatter w/o blog).
and said in her note:   "I adapted into a bookmark
by adding a row of split rings to the bottom."

What beautiful over dye fiber!
One of Marilee's

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Lace Day

Sponsored by L.A.C.E.

Link HERE 
for map/directions
Class Photographs + Descriptions

10am Beginning Bobbin Lace
10-12 + 1-3 Crochet
1-3 Intermediate Tatting
1-3 Heirloom Sewing (lace to fabric)

Aebi's Woodworking - Carol + John Aebi
Foster-Stephens, Inc. - Nancy Jones
Simply Wild - Andy Wild
The Nook - Tina Baker + Nancy Mancy
Unique Expressions - Susan + Jim Groh
Wood + Threads - Al Frederickson  

--Free Admission
--Lace Display

American Legion Hall
  4000 Saratoga Avenue
  Downer's Grove, IL