Monday, March 31, 2014

Local Quilt Show ....

Lovely finds in the "Garden Maze of Vendors".     Petals + Blooms web site link here.   I bought some 12 wt Sulky, needles, and a vintage hanky with tatted edge.  I probably should have picked up a spool of blue thread, too.   maybe next time.     Diane, blogging at Lace- Lovin' Librarian, was the first person I know who tatted with this Sulky fiber.   More on her post - link HERE

One of the vendors had closed a store 16 years ago.   Was an area of nostalgia!  I selected a charming sunbonnet sue pin.     Got to talking and she said she had a couple shuttles in a 'special bag'.  Not on display, under the table, behind the drape.    She gave them to me!   These shuttles are happy in their new home - Susan Bates [C J Bates + son Chester CT]and "Boye" improved.   [The Boye Needle Co. Chicago].

So many beautiful quilts - these were my favourite BLOCKS:

This, my favourite quilt - Ewe-Niquely Baltimore.   Sign said it was a Block-of-the-month - made in wool.  Very unique and lovely.   Also was given a special award from judge.  

 Thx Karol and Candy for meeting up with me.   I know I'm a snail when looking at everything.   You are both very patient and kind.

Additional kewl things found at the "Gathering Place Flea Market":

The books [above] are so BEAUTIFUL.   Both brand new, I paid $4/each

Bag of Buttons $3.   Plus one smaller bag for .50

More photos of quilts - if interested,
 Stitches of Life, link HERE.

For information on String-a-Long Quilt group, visit their web site - link HERE and Facebook page, link HERE.


Karol Johns said...

It was a lot of fun. Look forward to seeing what you do with your new thread.

jennifer768 said...

Love the wool quilt! Thanks for sharing your trip and wonderful finds.Blessings,Jen

Fox said...

Beautiful red thread! What will you do with it, I wonder.

Hens and chicks is always so pretty. Lovely finds.