Monday, June 02, 2014

Revisit ...

... tatting patterns from Sophie T. LaCroix.  

  I tried a couple edging patterns in 2013.   Link to post and photos HERE.    Once finished (homework) Youngburg patterns, I thought I'd pull out the LaCroix edge patterns and try them again.    The vintage patterns are great.

Edging or Insertion No. 1143.     I used size 20 Lizbeth fiber.   The top with 138 [greens] and 683 [yellows].    It is nice to have the green on one side and yellow on other - done by switching shuttles after each set of ring/chain.   The lower 620 (pink) + 138 (greens) where I used the shoe lace trick to keep all the rings pink and chains green.   Same pattern, different color results.   

Edging No. 1114.  I used size 20 Lizbeth fiber.   The top 164 (teal/green mix) + 661 (teal), switch shuttles to keep colors separate at the top and bottom.   The lower is done with 621 (pink) + 138 (greens) - to keep rings pink and chains green, used the shoe lace trick.    Same pattern, both ways are pretty. 

 I have these patterns from Helping Hands Newsletter (s) - subscription thru Handy Hands   .

 They are also found on line at the Antique Pattern Library.    Link HERE.   
I have been saving the little tatted samples.  That way, when I want to use the edge in the future, I have piece in hand for reference.   

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Homework ....

Pattern No. 4:  
Top photo size 80, DMC #59 - AND - bottom photo size 20, Lizbeth color #164.   Needed to adjust the picot size for the size 20 fiber - or the edge ripples, wouldn't lay flat [or maybe it was my tatting?].   I needed to make picot smaller - the picot/join between the two rings.   When I used the size 80, the picot seemed ok, I used same size picot for the rings and chains and joins - pretty!

Pattern No. 24
Size 20, Lizbeth Fiber, color #164.   For this to lay flat, without cupping, I made the picots 1/4" on the ends of the acorn caps AND in between the 4-rings.   Otherwise, the project wouldn't lay flat [for me].   

Home work is for the Online Tatting Class, group project - link to blog HERE - - The project is to tat and share 40 patterns of Nellie Hall Youngburg.    link to pattern book in this post, link HERE.   My two are DONE!!!