Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Happy Day! Happy Mail!

 Marilee Rockley's newest publication of jewelry sets.   Plus Hydranga and Raspberry Sorbet HDTs.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to find some vintage pattern booklets + couple of shuttles.  

The flat shuttles were etsy finds from the Shuttle Smith.   Excellent craftsmanship.    Beautiful shuttles.

And, could not resist Ayumi Horiai's ladybug embellished shuttle.  Lovely shuttles now available at the Tatting Corner.   

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

shuttles and notions

Edited ..... 

I have not done much tatting.    The above photo are practice pieces / motifs, patterns handed out for the IOLI Tat-Off (Indianapolis, IN).   There were three patterns on the page, for three categories:   tatting over 5 years, learned how to tat today/tonight, and split rings.   (I think that was what they were - I may be mistaken).    I made and donated the prizes, and was over-the moon when the owners of Black Sheep at Orenco added to them.   I didn't participate in the tatting.   I did help with the split rings.   Hands on refresher and then Kelli started the stop watch -- and yes, we had winners!   I am gobsmacked by the different ways people tat - and how FAST some people tat.   I'm just a snail!!!   

Check out Kelli's post and photos:

I Emceed the Tat Off - Link Here.  

Below:  A lovely Clover, Japan, necklace kit.   I adore their kits - pattern, fibers, findings, shuttles -- looking forward to creating this piece.

 Above:  While my sister visited this summer, we went thru antique malls - many of them!   We had such a good time browsing the vendor booths.   I spotted some small containers & yep, they were for tatting.   Vintage J P Coats containers for tatting fiber, Tat-It.   I found 3 with some old balls of fiber for $2.  yes, I know.   What a find.

The shuttle (above) is new.  Shuttle by Design.     I wanted this one because of the lace design (both sides) AND it matches a small dish I own.   I try to pick up small dishes for pins and orts, this dish is for the shuttle.    The others I bought (below).

Monday, July 25, 2016

IOLI Class: Marilee Rockley

Saturday's class taught by Marilee Rockley.

Pattern:  Beaded Path by Marilee Rockley
Fiber:  Size 10, Color 650--Denim Blue Lt, Lizbeth

I have to say, when Marilee says she provides the kit for class ... it has EVERYTHING!  Fiber, Crochet Hook, Tatting Shuttle, Beads, Bead Mat, Findings, Color pattern (2pg).   It has everything needed to create a set:

earrings, bracelet, necklace.

I thought the class would be a struggle for me; however, Marilee teaches with grace and patience -- in no time, I was able to get the pattern going.   All chains & beads.   The bracelet is tatted, need to add the jewelry findings after I end the tatted fiber ends.

So impressed was I, 
I gave her a donation for an xtra kit!   This is a lovely color combination.  A wood-rose fiber and  beads.   She offered lovely combinations - hard to select just one ; )

Some purchases from vendor, Black Sheep at Orenco.  (Was told ) Yellow Heart top left-flat shuttle.  Lacewood top right.  Purple heart lower left.  Myrtle lower right.

 Magical edging keeper .... Link Here:   http://www.blacksheepatorenco.com/store/p107/Magical_Edging_Keeper-_ebony.html.

This one is purple heart.   It is the perfect size for tatted edges.   Probably will work with knitting/knitted edges, too.    (honest - just had to have one to try).

IOLI 2016 Convention souveniers:
Pictured above:  tote bag -- Pictured below:  tack-style pin.

Above:  At one of the dinners, participants were asked to wear hats w/lace theme.   Each participant received a hand made "hat" which is actually a magnet - for their lace pillows, or notion bags.   Sweet lady bug fabric ; )    and charming hat band.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Lace convention

Have you heard?

The annual lace convention, co-hosted by
is July 16-23 in Indianapolis (Indiana, USA).

Are you registered +/or planning to visit for a day?
Personally, I've not attended a convention.
Last I checked the web page, there were still some classes that were not full.  In addition to classes, there will be special presentations .... display room.... local tours.... vendors.... lace contest .... tat off.... teacher showcase.... sounds like a wonderful week.

The theme is

"Indy 200:  Race to Make Lace"

Information (details) are available at the IOLI web site, 

under the link 2016 IOLI Convention.  (link HERE).    

Per web site:    

Open to the Public:
On Wednesday, the sales room, display room and special evening
presentations are open to the public free of charge. In addition a
Mini-Registration, which is available for any one day of the convention,
permits the registrant to attend that day’s sponsored activities.
See Registration information for details about a Mini-Registration.
On Saturday there are classes. The Display Room will not be open,
but the Sales Room will be open to the public at no cost."

also:    "Lacemaking Together – Suite 10 – On Wednesday,
if you’re not in class or on a tour, come make lace with other lacemakers"

Friday, April 01, 2016

International Tatting Day April 1, 2016

Today is

International Tatting Day
April 1, 2016

Get out your favorite tatting tools ....

and a pattern or two ... maybe you have a vintage pattern book ...

 or a book of modern projects ...

enjoy tatting today!

EDITED:   the shuttle and gauge set were from Grizzly Mountain Arts ETSY - link HERE.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Acorn Medallion #24

Familiar with the Online Tatting Class?  
Link HERE for information and 2016 Index.   
AND - Link HERE to see some of the projects on the Homework blog.

The Online Tatting Class meets on Mondays.   New patterns begin at 3pm or 8:30pm ET.  Or, sign in a half hour earlier for needle tatting lessons and an open question/answer period (2:30 and 8:00pm.)

On Monday, 3/28, the Online Tatting Class will be going thru three projects/patterns, links HERE,  

The third one listed, is from Forty Original Designs in Tatting by Nellie Hall Youngburg.  Jane Eborall provided an awesome diagram.   It is the Acorn Medallion #24.  Of the 40 patterns in the book, this is one that I tatted ( the model for pattern / class) ,    

 LizBeth size 20, Color 164 (maybe I should have used gold colors!)

Join the discussion, tatt up the medallion!  
Hope to see you signed in on Monday : )    

Interested in more of Nellie Hall Youngburg patterns?  

See the link in side bar of this blog, 
 LINK HERE from the Homework Blog, 
review the patterns from the On-line Tatting Class index,  
OR Bella Online, Georgia Seitz - Tatting Editor's site .... LINK HERE


Wednesday, March 02, 2016

4" woven squares

every now and again, I pull out my pin loom and get more squares woven.  no idea what they will become.   I think using the zoom loom is fun and some day I will have a lot of 4" squares to crochet together for something.    Maybe a small throw.   

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Split Ring

originally posted 7/14/2014

Tatted Heart
designed by Georgia Seitz

Tatted with Yarnplayer's HDT fiber - such a yummy color!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


 Did you get your Helping Hands Newsletter?   Nice gift enclosed, too -- I have not edged a hanky, yet.   I am trying to block tat, too - not much success.   May need to get a tutorial from my tatting friends!    OK - back to the newsletter, did you notice the IOLI convention information?   Look closely - it is going to be in Indianapolis this year.   LINK HERE.

 Still have snow, here.   Flurries today.   our forecast is for a warm up - should all melt soon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

TIAS: Day Four

Tat It And See ... the game continues.   See other ideas from 
participants ... link HERE.   

. . . . the handle to a beverage mug?

... perhaps our mystery "bug" will end up being something else?
Size 20
Col. 621

Size 20
Col. 683

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Day Three

Tat It and See --- Day Three.  

The tatting game continues.  

Size 20
Col. 621

Size 20
Col. 683

Any guesses - what do you think it might be?     Check out the TIAS blog and see what the participants say ....   LINK HERE.    

The ceramic tatting shuttle is handmade porcelain from Sumiko's etsy store,   
link HERE.   

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2016: Time to play ...

Tat It and See

Day One:

Size 20
Col. 621

Size 20
Col. 683

Link to the Game:    Tat It And See   

Day Two:

 Pink / Col. 621

Green / Col. 683

So far ... looks like a creepy crawly thing.

Friday, January 01, 2016

From Fringe Tatters e-mail ..... save the dates ....

Tatting events in 2016

Sunshine tatters - January 29 - 31 Tampa FLA 

Finger Lakes - Teddy Bear's Picnic April 8 - 10  Lodi NY 
(info mid-Jan at: www.fingerlakestatting.com)

Shuttle Birds: Tatting from the Heart April 15/16 Spokane WA 

Palmetto: Tatting Out of this World Sept 9/10 Toccoa GA 

Fringe - Tatting is the Best Medicine - September 23/ 24
in Cambridge ON Canada (info at:  www.fringetatters.ca)

Another special event is a tatting retrospective at LACIS in Berkley CA Tatting Concept to Conceptual Art  June 3, 2016 - April 1, 2017 
(info at:lacismuseum.org)