Thursday, July 21, 2011

Snake Bookmark

I'm trying the Snake Bookmark pattern again. The first time, our snakes were started + we took over the bobbins after the beaded eyes had been added.

This time, I tried to figure out how to start - think I did ok, and adding the beads was not a problem as it is similar to adding beads with crochet hook when tatting.

I've chosen two shades of teal, a verigated red, and medium yellow. (perle coton #8). The Rayon Gold rush is white with sparklies.

I think I'm half way ... not sure our air conditioner is working - so very warm in the house. Maybe have to call a service person. Not looking forward to another repair bill.


miscellanea said...

That snake starts to look dangerous. Really. ;-))) The threads You chose fit perfectly for a snake.

Patty C. said...

Incredible to see how that is done -
Awesome work ;)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Very nice! I love the colors you've chosen. My pillow is sitting, ready to go, I just haven't been inspired to do anything but tat. I guess I need a day with bobbin lace buddies!

The heat is getting to me too. I think it's even playing with my technology... no Internet service all last night, no cell phone service this morning. Sigh! I guess I'll just have to sit and be lazy today. : )

Fox said...

Love the colour! Bobbin lace is a mystery to me and very frightening! All those bobbins!

I have no air-conditioning and am melting here in Toronto, so you certainly do have all my sympathy!

Fox ; )

~ deb ~ said...

Is that tatting?? I'm intrigued .....