Friday, November 19, 2010

Road trip w/GFs

Enjoyed our road trip to West Lafayette.
Thx to Beth (w/o blog) for driving. Beth + Karol, picked me up, we met up with Deb and left the rainy/cloudy weather behind us. Drove south to crisp, sunny weather!

First stop was the Tippecanoe Arts Federation for the:
What a lovely exhibit!
The Lafayette Lacers had wonderful displays of lace including knitting, crochet, hardanger, bobbin lace, tatting (and probably I'm forgetting others).
The holiday tree was full of beautiful lace ornaments!
Stunning mini-tat motifs and angels (and more). Spectacular.

In addition to the lace, there were other galleries with exhibits. This is a card available at the gallery:

Accross the hall, the Tibetan Monks were creating a sand mandela.
One of the monks demonstrated how the sand mandelas were made with sand.
When I tried, I got 'dots' of sand, not the consistent lines of color!
They had a few small items for sale:
The deconstruction ceremony is on the 20th.

Second stop on our road trip was
Von's Beads, gifts, book store, etc.
We enjoyed browsing the beads, books,
gifts, gems/rocks, etc.
I found some nice cards + small stone for DS.

In the lower lever, I found a small paperback:

Samplers by Donald King c.1960
It is a nice book with b/w
sampler photos.
I haven't read the essay in the front.
There is minor wear to the corner,
otherwise is in great condition.

Before heading home, swung by the
Triple XXX Family Restaurant
for root beer + a burger.
I tried this one (from their menu):
Duane Purvis All-American - A very special taste treat!
1/4 lb. of 100% ground sirloin served on a toasted sesame bun with melted cheese on top with lettuce, tomato, pickle, Spanish onion and French fries. Add thick creamy peanut butter on the lower deck and you?re in for the touchdown!

Had no room for the Purdue Sundae - butterscotch & fudge ... maybe next time.

Headed home, chatting all the way with GF Deb, Karol, + Beth. What fun. Let's plan another road trip - SOON!

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Gina said...

Cool! Glad you had a good time! I wanted to see the sand painting and keep forgetting. I don't know if I can make it for the deconstruction tomorrow or not.