Monday, October 27, 2014

Hop Around the World

Gracie, blogging at Needles, Pins, and Dragonflies, invited me to join the 

Blog Hop Around the World

Grace has a fabulous blog.  She usually has oodles of projects in the works, participates  in swaps, round robins, + exchanges.   Her tatting is beautiful!    Take a peek and enjoy her needlework, tatting, sewing, and beautiful garden/nature photos.     Btw - chocolate.   Grace enjoys chocolate, tea (after morning coffee), and collects thimbles.    

To continue the global hop -- don't miss these great sites:

CathyB blogging at With Needle + Thread.   
Cathy has spectacular hardanger + needlework projects on her blog, many from special workshops and events.  Her stitching and finishing are marvelous.  In addition to Cathy's projects, i enjoy the special posts about Hovej Embroidery and about her Mom (who tats)!   Enjoy traveling along with Cathy and enjoy her special blog.

Barbara, blogging at Mainley Stitching.
Barbara has a wonderful blog with animals, creative needlework & projects PLUS the family 'chateau chaos' activities.   In addition to Cathy's blog [above],  this is one of the first few blogs I ever read!   In addition to needlework, I've always enjoyed the animal and garden photographs.  Following Barbara's writing/posts is always a pleasure - never know what she will showcase in her near-daily posts.

1. What am I working on?

currently in my needlework tote:

Stitching workshop piece - Old Saybrooke Sampler

Bent Creek - Autumn Row
C Street Samplerworks -  Mary Hannah Gipson Sampler
Biscornu SAL 
Scarlet Letter (Year w/Scarlet  Letter)
Homespun elegance pieces  

In my tatting bag:

a couple workshop pieces from Lace Day[s]
Mini-tats book
Japanese tatting kit + couple patterns
Half-embellished origami bag with tatting motifs and edges.

Also enjoy my small pin loom (weaving), sewing - esp origami bags, fabric flower making/embellishing w tatting, sketching / drawing, punch needle   [other things in the works, too]

2. How does my work differ from others?

Most people actually finish!   i tend to enjoy the journey.    

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I have no idea.   I just start itching to be creative and I find projects speak louder than words.   It is fun to follow a pattern-make small changes so it remains unique.   Or, a bit more challenging - to have an idea and follow thru to a 'finish'... or, you know - buy a pattern because it inspires you!!!

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

 For many years, i have had problems sleeping.   And,  when I settle down and focus on an in-hand project, I can relax, rest, and it has a restorative effect.    

Monday, September 29, 2014

Clover, Lily

Lizbeth size 20, color 631

Lizbeth size 20, color 631 + size 80, color 168

Lizbeth size 20.

I was interested in the picots on corners.  Bought the booklet from etsy seller in Japan.

I received this nice sample from Handy Hands.   The Helping Hands Newsletter had oodles of tempting patterns.  lovely tatted edges.  

I found this pattern book at local antique mall.  I struggled w/medallion pattern on pg. 14.  The photo is not clear.  Seems the number of ds changes in the pattern - even tho the motif looks like it should repeat.

This pamphlet is listed on the Antique Pattern site - however, there are no scans of the pages.  This is a diagram I made up.

I tried tatting with the different ds counts - and it was a challenge.    It is supposed to be tatted w/size 70, I used Lizbeth size 20-color 168.

When I tatted again, I alternated the different ds counts and used lizbeth size 80. 

Monday, September 08, 2014


This is a first attempt at a Clover Brand tatting pattern - purchased online from Etsy, seller in Japan.  I used a lovely HDT made by Marilee Rockley aka Yarnplayer, to test drive the pattern.   I think I've gotten the hang of the pattern.

 These are photographs of the front and back of the kit.   Aren't the Chocolate and Milk color shuttles unique?  I hadn't seen those colors before.   The kit has fiber, pin, ring, shuttles, and two large pattern sheets.   Beautiful package.

Sunday, I went to the Doll + Bear show.  My MIL's doll needed shoes.   I did find shoes and socks for her doll - and a charming new dress for my Penny Wooden Doll.  The tatting is lovely on the dress.  I have three of these tatted dresses made from handkerchiefs.   Others pictured HERE.

Lafayette Lacemakers announced their lace contest.   Open to all lacemakers.   
Please follow THIS LINK for additional information on the contest.  
Save the Date:  Saturday, April 11, 2015 for Indiana Lace Day 
more information will be available soon - always a great event.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Pattern found on Ninetta's Blog,  Chiacchierino facilissimo.

I tatted the square in Lizbeth fiber, Size 20, Col. 631.


Thank you for asking, yes, I did sew down the tatted edge, and I have been using the roll-up.   So far, the tatting has been ok on the felt.   The tatting pattern is from Jeanette Baker's book, Learn to Tat [Book w/DVD] - Fiber:  Lizbeth, size 80, color 168 Latte Foam.    

These were the 4 samples I tatted - and I liked the Jeanette Baker edge pattern for this project.

I purchased a pre-made roll-up & stitched the linen banding above the felt [now surrounded by tatting].  The needlework is from Homespun Elegance, Ltd. pattern.    More photos and Info in THIS POST.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tollway Tatters: Diane

This is the beginning of a spinning wheel, design from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior.    Started by Diane, who blogs as Lace-lovin' Librarian, using Omega fiber.

 And, before we packed up all our tatting tools, this is what it looked like:

So interesting to see how the different colorways in fibers create a secondary pattern!!!   This fiber and design will be a winner once finished.

In addition to the lovely tatting, Diane is weaving bags!    Her Mom gave her a saori loom for her birthday ... when she arrived at the Tollway Tatters gathering, she brought a large shopping-bag size FULL of woven bags.   Each creative and special - all made with an original pattern designed by her Mom.     And, yes, she is selling them.   Not sure how she can part with all her lovelies ... but, there you have it .... look at the bags:



Haven't seen enough bags?   Take a peek - HERE, for more photographs !!!   See one you just HAVE to own?   Contact Diane.   I had such a good time pulling out her bags and taking pictures.    I ended up with my tatting in a knotted HEAP - oh no - oh yes, but, with patience, all became unknotted + I have become closer to finishing my edge.

This pattern is from Learn to Tat
by Jeannette Baker

Never leaving empty handed .... or, shall I say, 'so spoiled I stink' ....     
 What cool blue HDT do you see?    Yes, gifted by Marilee, aka Yarnplayer.   I have ideas for the blue.   Her colors are fabulous.   What inspiration for tatters.  

And Diane brought along a container of blinged shuttles for all of us to choose favorites!!!   Diane has that eye for embellishing shuttles, all so colorful and fun.   Want to see more?   Look on Diane [Lace-Lovin' Librarian]'s blog under shuttle bling or blinged shuttles .... very festive.  
 Both of the shuttle sides are decorated + have a sparkle, glitter in the seal.   These bad Boyes are in tip top shape.  
 Thank you!  Thank you!  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tollway Tatters: Barbara + Sue Anna

 Barbara [Link HERE for Barbara's Blog + Barbara's web site] tatting from Jon Yusoff's books .... Barbara has many more motifs from these books on her blog.    Beautifully tatted!

Sue Anna also tatted from Jon Yusoff's books.   Different sizes of fibers + colors showcase Sue Annas tatting talents.   [check out more at Sue Anna's blog - Link HERE].

Such a delightful afternoon tatting, chatting, flipping thru books, sharing, and once we all depart and go our separate ways, look forward to NEXT TIME.

Tollway Tatters: Marilee

 While I'm chatting away -- Marilee tatting this little sample.    Frankly, I have no clue how it is constructed and I was next to her watching!!!    Along with two other books, Marilee had this one, New Dimensions in Tatting.   What an impressive book ; )    Are you following her fine blog?   Link HERE.   Facebook page?  Link HERE.

You say its your Birthday!!!!  A song and cake - my kind of party.   

And ... look at this beautiful HDT, Peace ... selling FAST out of Yarnplayer's ETSY.   Interested - get over there - link HERE.

Check out the lovely tatted flower!!!   So creative and colorful.   Happy Birthday and many more ; )

Sunday, August 10, 2014

tatting + weaving

T a t t i n g

Myra Piper's design No. 10
Tatted with Lizbeth, size 20, Color 170.

From the book:

W e a v i n g

 A few more squares done ...
 Storage via 1/2 off Hello Kitty latch lid container.   Should help keep my 'pins' on the loom from bending.