Sunday, June 23, 2019


Probably my favorite thing to tat .... simple butterfly.   Especially fun to use up bits of fiber left on the shuttles! 

Top left, blue thread ( upholstery thread sample from Diana aka Lace Lovin' Librarian) + blue delica beads. 
Top right - double wound two size 20 Lizbeth fibers  &  beads { shuttle emptying }.   
Lower left, double wound size 20 Lizbeth & blue upholstery thread sample. 
Lower right, Spooky Size 10, Yarnplayer's HDT & beads. 

What fun!   A small key chain w/tatting inserted.   Part of a gift from Diane.   She is generous, shared part of her stash!    If you check her blog, you'll see her tatted keys.   Now that she gifted a key, I'll need to give it a try ; )

I use my own pattern (in the side bar of this blog),  Carol's butterfly.   

If you are new to tatting, a step by step can be found here:

Or, I tat simple floral doodles.   Tat up quickly and nice way to empty shuttles! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tollway Tatters (June 8, 2019)

Gift for Cathy B of With Needle and Thread Blog --- embellished OUI yogurt jar.   Used Lizbeth Size 20.  Colors 683 + 621.  The pattern was from the Online Tatting Class.
 Cloverleaf Scalloped Edging from Workbasket Feb. 1959

 Photos above and below --- tatting by Marlene (aka The Mad Tatter).   The doily above was tatted with perle coton.   Below, double wound technique - butterfly. 

The next gathering of the Tollway Tatters:
Saturday, July 20, 2019.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Easiest Ice Blossoms

Edited 19 June 2019:  I forgot to add.   If you are interested, check out Tatting Times, February 2017 for Karey Solomon's pattern.

'Easiest Ice Blossom' pattern by c. Karey Solomon 2017

Last Saturday ..... Marlene (a.k.a. the Mad Tatter), made mention to me that she checks my blog for new posts.   And, I hadn't been blogging!

So, I pulled out my tatting bag & the first thing I pulled out - which I had not previously blogged about was a gift from Sue Anna (Tollway Tatters).   She gifted kits which included the pattern, tatting shuttle, beads, ice drop, and Size 10 fiber -- Yarnplayer's HDT "Spooky".     It was an incredible pattern, easy-to-follow, and tatted up in no time!


Marlene, you have my word, as I come across other tatted items of interest, I will blog about it / them.

Also, in all things tatting news, I purchased more ceramic shuttles from Sumiko Braithwaite.  I just love having them on my table.

Friday, September 07, 2018


 Nope.   Not a shuttle.   It is a plastic pin!  But I liked it and wanted it for my tatting tote.   A fun $5 find.

This lovely mug, with lace/button imprints was purchased at the Lubznik Art festival.   The maker said she uses crochet lace to imprint the pieces.  It is perfect in my sewing room.

 Lucky me with talented friends.   GF Beth made this delightful scissor holder -- The specialty stitches are stunning!!!

If you follow tatting blogs ... you will be familiar with Umi and Tsuru's blog.   She has hosted a few giveaways & I was one of the winners!   I know, right?   A beautiful pearl bracelet - and I've worn it several times.   Knowing you are familiar with the tatting -- don't hesitate to check out the jewelry, too!!! 

Not much tatting to share .... My sister was here for a visit (August) and we visited many vintage stores, antique malls, 2nd hand places.   The little clear box and drawers is fun for shuttles.    These 2 shuttles were spotted (and purchased) by my sister. 
 My sister is great to shop with.   She knows the good stuff from the not-so-great stuff, and has a good eye for value. 
  Isn't this cool? ($7 container)    It looks like it is made from the same plastic as some of my tatting shuttles.   

In the photo below, I made up some dish dresses for friends.   A spring cleaning sort of gift!!!  Knitting these charming dresses is a lot of fun.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tat ... Tat ...

What a gift!    From Minnesota ; )     Thx Chris and CathyB for the delightful nametag -- it has a powerful magnet inside.   A 'no pin' nametag.   

Peeking out of the side is a pattern offered by Kiki Chan for #TatAmonumentInPink.   #pinksquares.
I used Size 40, Col 622 Lizbeth fiber.

Have you seen the Pink Monument, or the photographs?   Tatters around the globe participated.  Here is a link to the photo album on Flikr:  
Or, if you are on facebook, photographs are here: