Friday, May 24, 2024

Tatted Icicle: Blooming Clover

I started this icicle --  Lizbeth white fiber , size 20.   I used seed beads.
And, you know .... they look so much nicer with crystal bicone - and the weight makes them look nicer when they are hanging up.

So, ordered some bicone & plan a re-tat of this pattern with the crystals.


Monday, May 20, 2024

Motif #53

Motif 53 - I used Flora 20.  Color 09, Lot 201

c.1999 by Patti Duff


Thursday, May 02, 2024

Endrucks 1920 Project: Picot me Endrucks

This was my April Challenge piece.
"decorate it with ornamental picots".
I added beaded dots and added beads here-n-there.

Fiber: 100% cotton Flora, 20.
Color 17.   11/0 Seed Beads.

Re. the pattern:

Life is Bliss butterfly by Antonia Lai
for the Endrucks 1920 Project.


More information HERE. Muskaan's Blog post.

May's Challenge:


Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Tatted Icicles: Half Daisy

Drop Icicle:  Half Daisy
Pattern by Carolyn R (member of Lafayette Lacemakers).

The drop icicle is tatted with Size 20 Lizbeth (white fiber) and 2.5mm Bicone beads.    

Carolyn's patterns & kits are THE BEST.

 Side-by-side icicles.

Three of Carolyn's original patterns.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Tatted Icicles: Daisy


Drop Icicle:   Daisy
Pattern by Carolyn R (member of Lafayette Lacemakers).

Next:   Drop Icicle, Half Daisy --  kit to tat.

The drop icicle is tatted with Size 20 Lizbeth (white fiber) and beautiful beads.   
I think they are 2.5mm Bicone beads.    

Carolyn made kits which had the shuttles wound with the beads!! (yay).

Monday, April 15, 2024

Tatted Icicles: "Drop Icicle 1"

Saturday, had Tatting instruction and started an original pattern
Drop Icicle 1   (pattern called Daisy)
by Carolyn R (member of Lafayette Lacemakers).

It was/is a very nice pattern.    Excellent diagrams.   
Not much to show for the tatted project, but will continue and finish it.
I also have "Drop Icicle 2" kit to tat.

The drop icicle is tatted with Size 20 Lizbeth (white fiber) and beautiful beads, 2.5mm Bicone beads.    
Carolyn had the shuttles wound with the beads!!  Yay.  So we had more time for tatting instruction, going over the pattern, tips for the beads, adding beads to fiber, etc ... and started the piece.

For the next couple of meetings (May & June) the programs will be on Ice Drops. 
Tatted [Rings/Chains/Beads & some with split rings/beads]
and also patterns for Bobbin Lace Ice Drops. 
In addition, Bobbin Lace ornaments w/beads (I think 3 patterns).   

I saw all the designs/patterns - totally GOBSMACKED.   
We will be busy lacemakers this Spring.
Cannot wait until next meeting of the Lafayette Lacemakers.

And if you are in the neighborhood, stop in.


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Picot me Endrucks - April 2024

EDITED --- Additional information HERE. Muscaan's Tips blog.

Are you on Facebook?
Do you follow the Endruck's 1920 project?
Do you enjoy tatting butterflys?

I'm so excited to see this challenge - I can use all the new picots I've learned ..... and, I really enjoy tatting hearts and butterflys.   Check it out.

Here is a link to Facebook Group.

Tatting Picot Challenge ....

From the Facebook Group (and I quote):

"Game of the Month ---- PICOT ME ENDRUCKS April 2024
Life is Bliss butterfly (E32) Antonia Lai has simple lines with hardly any decorative picots.
· 🦋 We are asking you to decorate it with ornamental picots!
· 🦋 You can use the same type of picot throughout the motif, or use a combination of picots to create even more interesting effects.
· 🦋 You can place your picots anywhere you wish.
· 🦋There are sooooo many beautiful picots to choose from, that you don’t even need beads for embellishment!
· 🦋 This is also an opportunity to get to know and learn a new technique.
If you wish to find tutorials and videos, here are a few steps you can take – -- In this page, check out the topmost section (All-Encompassing) for individual sites/blogs. [@Karen Cabrera has a nice list of her videos for easy reference.]"

Monday, April 01, 2024

Happy International Tatting Day!!

I used -- Lizbeth Size 20
Color 186.

Pattern:  Motif 52
c. 1999 Patti Duff

 Should look better tomorrow.


Sunday, March 31, 2024

lace bits ....


"ABCs of Tatting" - All about Being Creative
Ridgecrest Conference Center

Ridgecrest, NC
August 22 - 25, 2024

Link here for teachers.
Link here for 2024 schedule

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Lace Samples

Before I begin tatting a piece -- I pick up a shuttle and tat a small piece
 ... a small flower, butterfly, etc.   These small lace samples are turned in to Lafayette Lacemakers.  They are attached to cards and used during public lace demonstrations.   

Do you warm up your hands with a small tatted piece -- then

move along to your project?

 So easy - memorized!

More in Link HERE.


Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Swirl Join + Spiral Flower Center tatting

Do you block your tatting?

Blocking the Swirl Join piece.  Lizbeth Size 20, Color 186.
Now that it is pinned - I see that I should have used smaller picots in 5 rings 
and the longer picot in the 6th ring.   It does add a lot of interest to the piece.

 AND the Spiral flower Center.  Maybe I did okay with it - maybe not.   It is very unique.    Lizbeth Fiber, size 20.    Colors 684,696,691.   Not quite the spiral in the center - I'll give it another 'go' next time I have a large center to fill.

These pieces were from the 3rd session --

Workshop with Kelli Slack via virtual education, Lace Museum.

c. Kelli Slack ~ Kelli Slack Designs ~


Session Three: Chains, Rings, and Joins

My card is filled in.   Finished the Third Session.

Scheduled were the folded join, reverse join (which I could never get to happen until yesterday), catherine wheel join aka Dora Young join.  Which filled up the rest of my card.

And, I must say, the card has been helpful.   I have little bits of tatting here-n-there and cannot recall what they were, or when they were done, or why I saved them.   Sewing the class tatting bits to a card is quite useful ; )

In addition to the awesome instructions, and the 'how-to' duing the session, Kelli talked about shuttle post before closing rings -- or maybe she said "post shuttle before closing ring" - which I have not been consistent about, opening a closed ring (when & how), putting shuttle thru the work, folding work, swirl join - picot center, spiral flower center, & general fiber chat. 

 I gave the swirl join / (center) picot a try.   I made up a tatting pattern of rings and chains and the final picot went thru all of the center picots of the ring.  Quite interesting to attempt.

I have not tried the spiral flower center - did get a piece of rings and chains tatted and will give that a try.   
 Size 20 - easy rings and chains.  The center will be a brown fiber (I think).   Should be fun to try.

Workshop with Kelli Slack via virtual education, Lace Museum.
It is so nice to have the sessions recorded and available a couple weeks after the class.

Kelli Slack ~ Kelli Slack Designs ~ c.2022