Monday, September 09, 2019


When I visit Carollyn's Tatting Blog, I usually find some fun tatting to try.  Was looking for smallish pattern to empty some shuttles of fibers.   This pattern was on her blog, link HERE.  Butterfly was interesting to tat!  

Double wound tatting.  I used up fibers left on shuttles.    I ran short on the last chain!!!   Variation of the pattern (link above) found on Carollyn's Tatting blog.  

   For this butterfly, pattern link above, I wound 2 shuttles with Anchor Mercer Crochet fiber.  And wound enough fiber to actually follow the pattern and complete.     I used Anchor [from the Tatting Corner] for the first time.   Wanted to give it a try as the color is so pretty!   
I found it very nice to tat with.   

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Road Trip .... to the Tatting Corner

      I was impatient, waiting for the thunderstorm to pass by --- then, hit the road.    Had an errand for DH in Indianapolis .... then on to The Tatting Corner.   

Picked up (and purchased) Kaye B. Judt's book -- More O'This + Tat.    I hope to get tatting on some of these projects.   I like the fan, the butterfly, and was interested in the shamrock (could it hold 3 small ice drops???), etc.   Very nice patterns.  While there, I also picked up some Anchor fiber and Bellatrista (milk protein fiber).   Not sure about the Milk yarn ... thought it would make a pretty necklace or bracelet, or something.

Did you know Jenni C (from Australia) was visiting?   All heading to Tat Days in Georgia Weds morning.  She makes stunningly beautiful fobs.   I chose the silver one with owl and blue beads.   So pretty!!!   She also had BIRCH tatting ( post ) shuttle -- with bobbin in the package.   What?   For real.  This was much discussed on the Tatting Shuttle Addicts FB page.    Delighted to have in my tatting shuttle collection.   And did you see the pink scissors?  So light weight, colorful, and favourite -- nice points, sharp!!!  New-to-me HDT fiber, "Bloom" S20, 45m, AlenAleaDesign on Etsy.   Thx Jenni - you are so generous.... it was so nice to meet you in person after only knowing you by reading Facebook posts!!!   Safe travels wile in USA and on your way back to Australia.

And, a little something for Jenni .... origami bag, ort container, and a box of little treasures!!!   I also tucked in 'peace' , Yarnplayer's HDT fiber.    

Friday, August 30, 2019

Misc finds

 Yesterday, DH had a meeting & I had some shopping time .... I visited Downtown Emporium, an antique mall, in Huntingburg, IN.   I found two magazines with tatting patterns.

 Needlecraft for Today, Jan/Feb 1983 -- Tatted Collar & Tatted Butterfly patterns by Myrtle Hamilton.   Additional information re. Myrtle Hamilton, link HERE.

Needlecraft for Today, Jan/Feb 1984 - Tatted Heart pattern by Susan J. Allen

A couple stores down, Serendipity Fibers!   Friendly staff & lovely store.   I picked up some cotton/cozylon fiber to tat with.   It is going to be fun to try this.  And if it does not tat well, I'll knit some dishcloths with it!!!   

Found these little scissors at City Stitch    ...   a lot of fun things in the store.   Saw some tatting thread and shuttles, too .... bought the scissors and fob!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Small Tatted Heart

Designed by Betsy Evans, c.1998

I tatted with Lizbeth, Size 20, Color 632 -- and used Handy Hands Dreamlit Shuttle.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Blooms take wing - Summer Butterfly

Blooms Take Wing - Summer Butterfly
Pattern c2014 Karey Solomon
August 2014

The pattern called for size 10 cordonnet - I used Lizbeth size 20.   I liked the pattern, tatted it in a different way than the pattern directions; however, I used the same number of DS, rings, chains and it came out okay.    I used Lizbeth, Size 20, Col. 646.