Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fantastic Mail Day ...

My Bunny Shuttles arrived.    Made by Carollyn, who blogs at Carollyn's Tatting Blog.   Extraordinary!

I was fortunate to have my name drawn by Sandra Sullivan in a recent Facebook giveaway.    These were the SIX patterns I chose from her Halloween Collections.    They are so fun!   

Such wonderful mail ; )

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

and, there was some tatting going on

 at the Tollway Tatters gathering.   Meet the Rock Stars and Tatting Royalty:

Superstar teacher, designer and author, Marilee, sat down and carried on a conversation, and effortlessly tatted this up ... More photos on her blog, Yarnplayer Tatts AND facebook page Yarnplayer.    When the opportunity comes around to take one of her classes -- don't hesitate!!!   Her current activities are too numerous to list here, best to watch her schedule of classes and vending booth dates/locations on-line sites.

Tatting lace artist and entrepreneur, Carrie a.k.a., Shuttle Flicka with one of her spectacular notecards . . .    Carrie [left] w/Diane [right].    More from Carrie via her blog, Just Give her Some String and facebook page, Shuttle Flicka Lace ... Plus, she is going to be at the Interwoven Expressions exhibit + sale this Fall.

Does anyone recognize the doily in the photograph?   Yes, it is Renulek's Lentia, in progress, tatted by Diane.    More photos on her internationally famous blog, Lace-Lovin' Librarian.   From left to right:  Carrie, Marilee [above], and Diane.

Techie, Sue Anna -- enlightening us on the gagetry of photography a.k.a. "selfies" AND transferring the images to a page.   FB and/or Blog.    Sue Anna was tatting with the finest white fiber on spectacular hand crafted shuttles.   [I didn't snap a photo : (    oh, darn].    Thinking of others first, the tatting will eventually become a decoration and grace a holiday tree for charity this Winter.
Have you ever heard of the saying, "the one with the MOST, wins" .... honestly, Sue Anna has a fabulous collection of shuttles.   Check out the photographs on her blog, Sue Anna's Blog.  

   This pop-a-button shuttle photographed front / back  is Sequoia wood.  Sue Anna had photos of her collection and said "pick one" .  thus, this beauty found new dwellings in our home .... yep, my home!!  Thx again Sue Anna, I'm gobsmacked speechless ....
In addition to the tatting, chatting, and goings on ... Diane brought woven bags made on her saori loom.   These bags are being created from her Mom's own pattern.    Bag in picture is made by her Mom.    Diane has more spectacular bags on her blog.   They are for an Autumn fundraiser held at her Mom's retirement.   Need a new bag?   Willing to help the cause?  Please visit her blog post: .

This is a tatted heart in the works - partially tatted by me.   The fiber is some of Marilee's HDT.    It is marvelous to tat with, and she has some new colors in her Etsy, Yarnplayer store.   Not a lot of tatting progress.   Waiting for my damaged finger to heal.   Have you ever tatted with a bandaid on your finger?   Nearly impossible to get rings, chains, without gaps.    Most tatters will recognize the pattern.   It is Split Ring Heart by Georgia Seitz, Link HERE.   

The card, gift from Carrie - she had oodles + had each of us choose one.   Thx again Carrie!!!    The bottles, gifts from Marilee, are filled with beads - Marilee created some bead mixes and poured them into these itty bitty corked bottles.   Too cute.  Thx again Marilee!!!

Are you familiar with the Rainbow Loom?   Sweet Ava, who was not able to join us today, made a Hello Kitty for me with her loom + made with colorful bands.   The last time I saw her, she had oodles of creations made on the loom - each unique, colorful, and delightful.   I need to find a special place for my treasure.  Next to my adorable Hello Kitty is a re - start of the tatted heart, so far without gaps.   I have a tighter bandaid on my finger and it improves my tatting!  

Monday, June 02, 2014

Revisit ...

... tatting patterns from Sophie T. LaCroix.  

  I tried a couple edging patterns in 2013.   Link to post and photos HERE.    Once finished (homework) Youngburg patterns, I thought I'd pull out the LaCroix edge patterns and try them again.    The vintage patterns are great.

Edging or Insertion No. 1143.     I used size 20 Lizbeth fiber.   The top with 138 [greens] and 683 [yellows].    It is nice to have the green on one side and yellow on other - done by switching shuttles after each set of ring/chain.   The lower 620 (pink) + 138 (greens) where I used the shoe lace trick to keep all the rings pink and chains green.   Same pattern, different color results.   

Edging No. 1114.  I used size 20 Lizbeth fiber.   The top 164 (teal/green mix) + 661 (teal), switch shuttles to keep colors separate at the top and bottom.   The lower is done with 621 (pink) + 138 (greens) - to keep rings pink and chains green, used the shoe lace trick.    Same pattern, both ways are pretty. 

 I have these patterns from Helping Hands Newsletter (s) - subscription thru Handy Hands   .

 They are also found on line at the Antique Pattern Library.    Link HERE.   
I have been saving the little tatted samples.  That way, when I want to use the edge in the future, I have piece in hand for reference.   

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Homework ....

Pattern No. 4:  
Top photo size 80, DMC #59 - AND - bottom photo size 20, Lizbeth color #164.   Needed to adjust the picot size for the size 20 fiber - or the edge ripples, wouldn't lay flat [or maybe it was my tatting?].   I needed to make picot smaller - the picot/join between the two rings.   When I used the size 80, the picot seemed ok, I used same size picot for the rings and chains and joins - pretty!

Pattern No. 24
Size 20, Lizbeth Fiber, color #164.   For this to lay flat, without cupping, I made the picots 1/4" on the ends of the acorn caps AND in between the 4-rings.   Otherwise, the project wouldn't lay flat [for me].   

Home work is for the Online Tatting Class, group project - link to blog HERE - - The project is to tat and share 40 patterns of Nellie Hall Youngburg.    link to pattern book in this post, link HERE.   My two are DONE!!!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Exchange received ....

I was really excited to see a photograph on the Tatting Group [Facebook group] of Deb C's organization.   On 5/18, she was inspired to gather her tatting together and organize!!!   And in the photo - I noticed a Tatting Press.    I had seen this on Ann's blog, Nifty Needle - had the pattern, and couldn't quite figure out how to put it all together.
After a couple PMs back-n-forth with Deb, we exchanged ... an origami bag for a tatting press.   Thx Deb!!  

  Deb received her bag + said she liked it.

I now have my tatting press!    I picked it up from the post office on Friday - and used it already.  What a lovely press, the color, the design, so useful ....  The back pocket is for scissors - or shuttle - or tools.

The top pockets are intended for shuttles.   The tatting, in progress, is safe inside the 'press'.   A soft fabric that keeps the tatting STILL - nice to grab the next day + not have to untangle the shuttles!!!
The original design and pattern is by Ann, blogging at Nifty Needle.     For other free tutorials for origami bag, thread catchers, etc ... follow THIS LINK.
The tatting is pattern No.4 of  Nellie Hall Youngburg.   Link in sidebar.   Using size 80 - DMC #59.

And, I have some information on the lovely leather container which was a gift from GF.   Melody told me it was purchased in Racine, WI -- There is a gift shop at the DeKoven Center.   It is an old seminary, near Taylor Hall.   I have more photos - HERE.    I have filled with my tools.   it has picot gauge set, 1/2 size crochet hooks, shuttles, and small scissors.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

generous tatters gather!

The Tollway Tatters met last Saturday.    Tatting chat, sharing, purchasing, reviewing of books ... and tatting!

Sweetheart Sue Anna, blogging at Sue Anna's blog,  generously gifting new shuttles from Handy Hands.   I selected a Mango Sorbet Moonlet and a Sparkle Fuschia Sunlit.

 These are blingged shuttles by Diane, blogging at Lace-lovin' Librarian.   She uses Boye brand shuttles, removes the pic, and embellishes.   I selected these shuttles from her magic box!    [photos of front and back].

Oh my, what lush fibers from Marilee.   Oodles of fun to select fibers in variety of sizes and colorways.   Not sure what these will be tatted into - but will enjoy each skein.  

Oh, Etsy, how I adore my new stash.   Yarnplayer's HDTs.

Pretty woven bag, made by Diane's Mom, fundraiser.   Superb weaving.   Such a charming bag.   Looking forward to seeing Diane's new creations once her loom lessons begin.   Keep an eye out for buttons - 1.5" - 2" - let Diane know when you come across bargains on interesting button finds.

Lovely tatting being created by Barbara, Sue Anna, Marilee, Diane, Julie and I.    Check out the blogs for details [Sue Anna said she'd post soon].  Alison moving along on her crochet and Ava shared her Rainbow Loom creations.   Colorful and Delightful.   We missed a couple tatters -- Denise,  Tatting Lace in Grace + Just Give Her Some String.   Diane has a post on her blog with more photographs ... link HERE.     Marilee, blogging at Yarnplayer's Tats , also took some photographs - keep an eye on her blog for updates ....

I am participating in the Online Tatting Class, group project - link to blog HERE - - The project is to tat and share 40 patterns of Nellie Hall Youngburg.    link to pattern book in this post, link HERE.   While with the Tollway Tatters, I started motif #24, with Lizbeth size 20, color 164.    While I tatted, I started a diagram... I think I have it figured out.

Had some more fiber + beads on a shuttle:
so pretty + fun to share.    I use Grace Tan's pattern, Three Little Hearts.    
Grace blogs at Grace Tats.    

Monday, May 19, 2014

Thank you for your support ....

DD, DH, + I are participating in the
National Kidney Foundation walk in Indianapolis, IN.

Please consider a donation and support our team

ANY amount is appreciated.  The 2014 team goal is to raise $1,000 by June 14th.

We are participating in this year's Kidney Walk to improve the lives of all people affected by kidney disease and to increase awareness of this disease.

Kidney Walk is the nation's largest walk to fight kidney disease. Held in nearly 100 communities, the event raises awareness and funds lifesaving programs that educate and support patients, their families and those at risk.

Please consider a donation, which helps make a difference for millions of people.  

Thank you in advance.

Link HERE - or click logo in sidebar.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 National Kidney Foundation Walk

2014 National Kidney Foundation Walk

I’m participating in this year's Kidney Walk to improve the lives of all people affected by kidney disease and to increase awareness of this disease.

Kidney Walk is the nation's largest walk to fight kidney disease. Held in nearly 100 communities, the event raises awareness and funds lifesaving programs that educate and support patients, their families and those at risk.

Please consider a donation, Your donation helps make a difference for millions of people.  


Thursday, April 24, 2014

New toy ....

Beautiful crochet hook.   (Close up of the handle)    

  This is a size 9.  

Check out Christi's site:

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tatting ... tatting ... well, not actually tatting - just news ....

If you didn't already know --- Fox has a new address for her blog Tat-ology.  Link HERE or Visit her at:

I was delighted to have my name selected for Gracie's giveaway ... Needle Lace Flowers by Figen Cakir.   And, when envelope arrived, she enclosed a wonderful journal!   Isn't the cover pretty?   You may want to visit Gracie's blog, Needles, Pins + Dragonflies - Link HERE, to see her beautiful tatting, needlework, and more.   Don't forget to peek at her post - Rosie the Bear.   Too Cute!!!

 Notice a few shuttles hanging around the new books?  Yep, some round doilies and tatting shuttles arrived in the mail - from The Tatting Corner's recent sale.   I have not used the new shuttle with hook - pretty lime green : )  I bit larger than the Sunlit shuttle.    I thought I better start an 'edge' with a round piece, and not fuss with corners for my first try.

I saw this tatted edge on Tatlyn's blog, Tatting Treasures.    Then went on an on-line hunt!!!   I finally found the back issue of Old-Time Crochet (Autumn 1993)                   
 with the pattern.   It is Tatted Handkerchief Edging by Mary McCarthy.    I don't know if I'd put on anything - but was itching to give the pattern a try.

There are a couple more tatting related things in this issue:  Tatting Techniques by Rebecca Hollenbaugh  w/A Tatted Tab Collar in rose Motif and Picot Ribbon + Tatted Insertions.

Last load of laundry in the dryer - need to get the ironing started.   Enjoy!!!!!