Friday, July 20, 2018

The Mad Tatter

Marilee on the left, Marlene on the right.

In Oct 2012, Marlene, Cathy B + I met at the House of Stitches. She has a wonderful blog post about their visit to Hoosierville --- link HERE.   ok, back to tatting ..... at the time, Marlene brought some of her tatting with her -- and I was fascinated by the HWT (Hand Wound Technique).  We swapped - I showed her split ring and she showed me HWT.     Once home, I gave it a try --- use 2 fibers and tat them together.   
IMO - it is a thick tatted motif!   It creates an interesting colorway with a solid and a multi-color fiber tatted together.   Marlene had a butterfly with her -- a new to me idea!    

(Below) Finer threads - two colors tatted together - final piece isn't 'thick'.  

Cathy B gifted me one of the small tartlets and larger pincushions she made, using tatting by Marlene.   The little tartlet is usually in my tatting bag with pins to keep my tatting in place (Tatters, you know when you get up, and your small doodle vanishes?   Well, a little pincushion is perfect to have in your bag.   Once the little doodle is done, attach to your pincushion!).   I usually have a frogger there, too.  (used to rip out unwanted knots - or to untangle a mistake)

 I put them to immediate use.   The pincushion is great next to the sewing machine.   I use it all the time.   Cathy has a post on her blog about the tartlets --- Link HERE.   She also made some with butterfly tatting on the top --- link HERE.

I have a few other pieces of her tatting --- this heart with buttons is one of my favs.   I hang it on the knob of my shutters in the room w/sewing machine.   I have not tatted with buttons, one thing I've always thought to try and never have!!!!   Link here to (maybe the same) similar pattern.

The star on the top/white tatting is also from Marlene.   I had a Myra Piper book with a similar pattern.   I tatted it in blue as a gift for my MIL.   Having the tatted piece in hand was wonderful!!! made my tatting easier!!   A couple other tatted orns are in holiday storage.    

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Tollway Tatters .... continued

Marilee (aka Yarnplayer) + Marlene (aka The Mad Tatter)

Marvelous to visit with Marlene again.  We had our first face-to-face in the fall of 2012, at the House of Stitches in LaPorte.   I learned how to tat  from the owner of House of Stitches.   AND, at that visit, I saw Marlene's butterfly - using the HWT technique   (more in next post).     
I enjoy following "The Mad Tatter" on her tatting adventures , via  Cathy B's blog --- link HERE.       Marlene perfected a new technique!    Catherine Wheel Join!   So, what is a Catherine Wheel Join, you ask?   Here is a video:    Or, check out the pdf file - LINK HERE.

Marilee + Marlene were engrossed in tatting , esp., this particular tatted join.   We enjoy getting together to share knowledge, hands on demo, talk about the latest books +fibers, new patterns, tatting tools, and other funness.

  (btw, Marilee has oodles of videos, patterns, tips, how-tos -  Check out Yarnplayers blog - link HERE.   )    This (photo below) is one of Marilee's HDTs.  "Berry Sundae"  fiber!   chocolate and berries!   
 thx Marilee ; )    I'm thinking about how to use this unique colorway!   If you have ever used Yarnplayer HDTs, you already know the high quality fiber she has & also will know photos never do justice!  

 Sue Anna was tatting a lovely split ring ornament.   She used two fibers --- metallic and white fiber.

 This is the book --- the patterns are lovely.   Large diagrams, numbered, and look at the variety of motifs.  

Once Sue Anna finished this motif, I had to snap a couple photos.   I liked the sparkle, shimmer of the metallic.   It is a new(ish) product called Liz Metallic.      Personally, I have not tried it in a project.  The variety of colors are amazing!!! 

How cool to have the split rings create an interesting pattern of colors.   Awesome tatting Sue Anna!

Sue Anna suggests using Jane Eborall's ' Dead Spider ' split ring technique.   Link HERE.

A good time had by all -- next gathering planned for August.   Keep an eye on Lace-Lovin' Librarian blog for announcements.   

During our walk out to the vehicles - The Mad Tatter commented on what a lazy blogger I've been!!!  So, next the post will be tatting I have from her -- and the HWT - - stay tuned. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Tollway Tatters gather .... Part One

Barbara, Marlene, Diane, Nancy, Marilee standing
Me, Sue Anna sitting

 (Photograph taken by "Cathy B" blogging at With Needle + Thread; My Adventures in Stitching -- LINK HERE). 
Cathy B + Diane (blogging at Lace-Lovin' Librarian)
Cathy adding stitches to her delicate stitching band - and my mind is lost as the name of the sampler is escaping.   She brought her 2017 completed 'red sampler' -- oh my the alphabets!   Delicate motifs and alphabets.  PLUS, Cathy tatted a ring - with picots!   Multi crafter.   

[edited - somehow I deleted a sentence!]

Cathy brought some show-n-tell ... lovely tatting made by her Mom, Marlene.  And, had a small pincushion with her Mom's tatting mounted on wool and finished into pincushions.   I didn't photo the one she brought --- this is one that I own:   
Perfect for a couple pins, a frogger, small enough to put in my bag.   (Frogger made by Barbara.  Barbara shared some of her beads/gems she uses to add some weight to the froggers she creates.)
The other pincushion I have - is next to my sewing machine.   A bit larger and mounted into the lid of a vintage mason jar:  

Diane tatting another section of "Masquerade" pattern by Mary Konior.  Lovely colors!  Beautiful tatting!
Thx Diane for sharing your pattern and bag of goodies with all of us!  

Nancy amazes me with her tatting --- needle tatting.   I am a shuttle tatter (create tatting using a shuttle).   Nancy creates tatting with a needle.   Her tatting included beads!   
And I remembered to ask about 'knots'.   Nancy said knot before starting the chain - and depending on the pattern, knot at the end of the chain.

Part Two - tomorrow .....