My List

One day, in 2008, I set down my needlework. I just couldn't face another cross stitch pattern - or specialty stitch. I love needlework - just knew there were other ways to express myself - other arts for me to explore. I decided to expand and learn more skills, other than needlework, and also to get out of the house --- OFTEN. Spend time visiting museums, festivals, craft shows, exhibits.

Here is the list I created:

From time-to-time, I pull out my (now) tattered/beat up list from 2008 + think I've made some progress, covered all but a couple of things. will try to use this 'page' to keep on track.

-tatting (lesson / finished projects)
tatting lesson
finished small butterflies
Still have more to learn and I enjoy picking up the shuttles

- Locker Hooking: Finally have a finished project + think
I have the hang of it. have ordered more kits from Color Crazy

took a class at the Local Quilt Store & think I've got it!

-punchneedle (class / completed projects)
Punch needle Class
Halloween Project
Have patterns and supplies (some gifted to me0 - this is a terrific, fun thing to do

-comfort doll (class / completed project)
Doll Class
Inner Child Doll
Still want to make some doll clothing for Penny Wooden Doll

-crazy quilting (class / incomplete project)
CQ Needlebook. Still want to do more exploring with ribbon embroidery, etc.

-yo yo pets (patterns / incomplete project)
fabric yo yos started
Continue to make the yo yos, a few at a time. Once I get enough, I'll pull out the pattern and make up a pet (or two).

-flower making ( on-line instructions) / incomplete flowers)
Clover Hana-Ami Loom (gift from Alex Dec 2009 - I have only begun to make flowers with the pieces)
Sweetheart flower maker

-Sewing Machine (Dec2008)

- Aunt Philly's
Toothbrush Rugs (bought pattern & the plastic needle)
need fabric strips
-friendship block
annual quilt block
OK, I'm not a great quilter - tho participate in this almost every year

Along the way, I enjoyed gathering up charms, fabrics, + supplies. I found some ink pads (for fabrics) to mess around with. Pulled out a couple sketch pads + may even create a few ATCs. I unearthed a couple of my knitting spools, I have a few of them!

What an adventure. I cannot explain why I'm not a needlework-only fan / junkie anymore - why my interests have changed. A different enthusiasm. I've spent years with a needlework only focus. But, no more. I've changed.

It is wonderful to get out of the house and visit local exhibits, head into the city and walk thru the art museum. Grab friends + head over to quilt shows. spend time with DH browsing art fairs and exhibits. Great to try new things. I've enjoyed exploring , enjoyed the journey.

The best part, is when evening rolls around - the end of my 'parent' day, I have more than books and stitching waiting for me! It is perfect for me.