Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tatting --- Lesson One

As I mentioned in previous blog posts,
I've wanted to learn how to Tat

One afternoon, while visiting
House of Stitches
in LaPorte, Indiana
I looked on a lower shelf ---
I saw a basket of
tatting shuttles & instruction books & pattern books

Imagine my surprise!

I never noticed them before & had been to the shop
a number of times over 10+ years

Then, was told the Owner, Linda, tats!

Imagine my double surprise!

And, she offered to show my GF Mel & I

WOOT!!! Had my first instructions last Thursday
and haven't been able to do anything else

We got the basics of the chain, ring, & picot

All my spare time has been spent perfecting my technique
for chains --- trying different shuttles
different crochet cotton fiber sizes (size 3 & size 10)

And -- trying to get those knots more even!!!

So far, I've used a variety of
tatting shuttles

They are so beautiful & comfortable to hold

We learned the technique with the Tatsy (largest) shuttle

Since then, I picked up a couple different styles to try

I like the red Boye shuttle --The clover ones with tips are ok, too

The silver one is a reproduction
of a popular premium shuttle
distributed by Nedlecraft Magazine publishers
It is very comfortable to use! (IMO)

At House of Stitches
there were some smaller, plastic shuttles w/o points from Lacis
I'm looking forward to trying them, too!!

When I was looking around on-line
I see a variety of styles & they are made out of
bone, plastic, horn, silver, filigree, wood, etc.

What fun!

Next, I'm going to try & perfect my rings
and rings with picot


Berit said...

Ooh, fun! I've wanted to try tatting--I think my mom tried it several years ago, if memory serves.

I didn't know there were so many shuttle options; thanks for showing them!

shortoldlady said...

I've always wanted to try - congrats on actually doing it! Would you be kind enough to ask what would be a good beginners book to learn from? Keep posting your progress!

***Jon**** said...

Congratulation on picking up tatting. You sounds like you are having fun with it. And why not! Tatting is fun but it can be addictive too, in a nice way. Looking forward to follow your progress.