Monday, December 06, 2010

Up Towne Shoppes

Sharing some 'finds' from
Up Towne Shoppes
623 State Street
LaPorte, IN 46350

Of the numerous trips into
and out of LaPorte, I
always wanted to shop
at this store - which is
CLOSED on Tuesdays.

It was getting to be a joke,
I'd be in LaPorte - store
would be closed,
must be Tuesday!

Inbetween a few snow flurries,
I was on my way to
Pioneer Land Christmas Open House,
and made a planned stop at the 
Up Towne Shoppes.

I enjoyed all the booths. And, I have to go back!
I found a RED plastic gauge (Made in England) for tatting picots.
Also, a blue bobbin (there was a big basket of blue and brown bobbins)
And, a small magazine with tatted butterfly pattern,
The Workbasket (Aug 1990)

I found a big basket of
The Workbasket
magazines, in bundles.

Maybe next time, I'll sort thru
them for more patterns.

The Pioneer Land Christmas Open House
was nice --- very very cold, but nice!

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Kathy Niklewicz said...

I recognized that particular 1990 Workbasket magazine immediately! It happens that I tore out (and still have) those pages when I first saw the adorable butterflies by none other than Mary McCarthy, whose name was in so many different publications back then. (I believe she's a long-time member of the Shuttlebirds in Washington State!) Her butterfly is one of my 'standard' patterns to tat, which is rather apparent on my blog!

I tore out the pages so that I could put them in my "Favorite Patterns" book, but I would not tear pages out today, and cherish the few Workbaskets that I have. I would LOVE to find a collection of them! I always give the publishers credit for keeping tatting alive during the 'drought' years and gave 'new' tatting designers a big audience. Then there were all interesting knitting and crochet patterns.

I'm glad you finally got to the shop when it was open!