Monday, April 11, 2011

Lace Day

Shopping bag from Lace Day: books, shuttles, fibers, prizes, souveniers, and a kit for GF Sue.

Haul from the workshop ... The teachers were far more fabulous than my tatting reflects.
Kaye Judt + Jennifer, Tatting Corner patiently instructed the workshop. Thx a million, you both totally rock.

We learned dimensional tatting by making a poppy flower center. Mine is a practice piece - will be done in a dark fiber and added to the flower (yo yo).

The butterfly, see the blue butterfly? Eventually it will be edged with blue size 20 fiber. I was going around with the tatting + everything was so awkward in hand --- had to re start and try moving around the shape in a different direction. We added blingie dots with a heat tool (actually jennifer added them!)

Tatted the body of a dragonfly with wings added ... wire wings fused with shiny stuff (ok, I forget the name of the sparkle paper). The dragonfly had beads for eyes (and my beading GFs, I hope you are reading this, I managed to get beads in place). Plus, went over a daffodil pattern using similar tatting join (alligator join - bobble tatting)

As I looked around, I was inspired by my table mates.
Such beautiful tatting + fun cheering the ah-ha moments!
(swapping cell phones for kitty picture sharing)

I learn so much more each time I have a lesson. My pieces start out all wobbly in hand and as I continue thru the patterns, the chains improve, the rings improve ... one side wobbly, the other side .... not so bad. IMO - books helpful, videos helpful, diagrams helpful ... none compares to attending a workshop.

Happy 30th Anniversary and
Thank you to all the members
of Lafayette Lacers who put this event

These are links to bloggers (that I am aware of)
who have pretty much covered Lace Day activities .
I can't think of anything more to add --

Gina blogging at Threads of a Tatting Goddess, has two great
posts on her blog with pictures
Displays, WIPs, Tools and People + Vendors

Very Nice pictures + video on Bat Tatter's Blog post:
Lace Day ( -- I was so green with envy when she won the jar of tatting fibers! I was standing next to her as she kept reaching for her prizes!)

Diane, blooging at Lace lovin librarian has a lovely post: Oh yes, I did have fun!".


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, you won one of our blinging kits! Denise and I put the yellow butterfly box together. I hope you bling a shuttle soon and show us what it looks like!

I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you... maybe next time!

Gina said...

Kaye is a fabulous teacher! Patient, willing to try it in a different way, always smiling. She explains what she/you will be doing and draws little pictures along the way to clarify it. The sparkle paper (can't remember what it's called either) was offered in one of our meetings for a project but I didn't use it. Another diversion I don't dare follow!