Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Taking on a Dare ...

A daily treat for me is blog hopping.   One blog I frequent is Diane's blog, Lace-Lovin' Librarian.   She always has interesting posts (with lovely photos).   

So, one day, I saw Diane's post title:    Diane's Doodad Double Dare ... I just had to participate.   The little silver squares (or could be diamonds) will have some tatting surrounding them before the end of September.   What fun!    Some participants have already tatted their components.   For now, I'm just looking at the ones Diane sent to me.   They will have to wait until I finish ....    

I'm in the middle of creating some favors for the NANI workshop in September, and need to focus all my energies on getting them DONE in time.     And, it really is a fun thing to do --- I'm using metallic fibers on card stock, folding into a matchbook, and will insert felt for a needle holder.  (the matchbook on the left side of the photo)   The BEST part is that I'm creating the designs as I go along.    I've made a few mistake, the learning curve, so I can always stitch those again!

After a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby for felt pieces, I found the brass findings (in picture) - they may be a bit large for tatting, just not sure.   I thought they were so pretty (and 25% off).    

Before I put away my shuttles (for the NANI project), I did finish a motif

This is motif #11 in the book.    (I'm going thru the book for the 25-motif challenge).  I used a size 40 Lizbeth for the coral/pink color, with 5 repeats of the pattern.  I also used size 20 Lizbeth for the blue motif - which follows the real pattern.  What I really liked about this pattern, is the way the small rings join with the picot on the larger rings.   I've never done that before.

Do you think I'll make 25 out of the book
before the end of the year????  Oh my.
I'm really enjoying it tho - it is nice to go thru the book
one at a time + create the lovely motifs.

Both of these motifs will be used on Kanzashi flowers.   A friend + I are going to be in charge of a class for the L.A.C.E. members in September.    Hope the combination tatting class and flower class are successful!


gracie said...

I admire anyone who can tat.. especially with a shuttle. I never could learn how. I did learn to tat with the needles method but think I forgot how! Your motifs are so pretty...keep going and get those 25 made.

Michelle said...

Keep those mini-tats coming! I love the turquoise one. I think I'll put that book on my wish list for Christmas!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Since you're doing so well with Patti Duff's Mini-Tats, maybe you'll find one that works with your doodads. Wouldn't that be cool!

God's Kid said...

Those all look really great!!! :)